Fireworks Newyears Resolution


What resolutions for New Years will you be making for 2012? For most, resolutions are broken within a few hours. 

There are many resolutions which emerging artists can make.

Some of the ones I have listed below can be beneficial to both emerging and established artists.


So, read through the list below, pick one for now, and dedicate yourself to keeping it.

Then, bookmark this page and return here when the time is right - to make another resolution for your art.


10 Artist New Years Resolutions for 2012


  1. Create an artist website or blog online

    There are many free platforms for creating a blog or website online. Learning to use it and set it up for the first time takes awhile, but the benefits to your online art exposure will be great.

    Why not try to set one up now? Try to work on it a little each day and learn how it all works. Next year this time, you may have lots of contacts, and a good standing in the art community. 

  2. Get in contact with a local gallery

    For this you can either:

    • contact them directly and arrange a meeting
    • search for local galleries using google search
    • find them in your phone book

    I will give much more advice on this topic as the year progresses.

  3. Write an artist statement and bio. and develop a portfolio

    I will be writing helpful articles on these topics in the new year of 2012. If you have not created either of these yet, be sure to subscribe so you will not miss my helpful articles.

    In the meantime, you may find some tips on what to include in artists statements at:

    How to Get People to Buy Your Art

  4. Give a presentation or speech about your art

    Approach a local club, organization, or school and explain to them that you are available to do a presentation. Some ideas for this might include:
    • Write and rehearse a speech
    • have slides of your art
    • display some of your artworks and talk about them
    • give a instructional presentation of your art techniques, by doing a sample artwork

  5. Donate one of your artworks

    A donation of drawings, paintings, etc, to a local charity or as a fundraiser, is a good course of action for artists. Not only will it bring artists more publicity, but it can give you more contacts and art buyers.

  6. Use your sketchbook more often

    Sketchbooks are great tools for artists to record new ideas, review old ones, and get better at drawing.

    I have some great ideas for using using sketchbooks here:

    7 Tips for Using an Artist Sketchbook

  7. Signup for an art related forum online

    There are many great forums for artists on the internet. These allow artists to connect with others, learn new art techniques, learn how to market their art online and offline, and much more!

    I will be listing some of the best art forums online, in the near future.

  8. Setup a Facebook artist page and a Google+ artist page

    These help to attract the millions of people on Facebook and Google+ to your art profile. If you desire to set one up, I have step by step tutorials here:

    How to Setup Your Facebook Artist Fanpage
    Setting up a Google+ Artist Page

  9. Post your artworks in online galleries

    Do this either as a means of selling art online, or just displaying them for others to view and comment. Showcasing in just one place is enough if you do not have much time. But, the more places artists post, the more art buyers may be attracted to their main website.

    Art Tips: What I like to do is place 2 or 3 of my best paintings and drawings on online galleries that I don’t go to often. I make sure I have a good name and description, which includes a link back to my main site.

    Here is a great list of online gallery sites:
    10 Online Gallery Sites List 2012

  10. Create more often!

    Whether you do drawings, paintings, collages, sculpture, mixed media, photography, or the many other forms of art, try to dedicate yourself to consistently creating.

    But, strive for quality, not quantity!

    Only showcase your best art online whenever possible, unless displaying the development of an artwork.


Some parting advice:

Pick one resolution for now and focus on that.

Bookmark the list and return to it once in awhile to make a new resolution.


My upcoming articles in 2012 will cover these helpful topics and more. Subscribing now will ensure you will not miss it!

There are many other good artist resolutions for new years that can be made, so I leave you with this:

What art related new years resolutions will you make for 2012?


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  1. Ok I am trying to comment again! Great article :)

  2. Thank-you! I had no idea the comments were not working. Thanks for letting me know. I had to only do one little thing to fix it.. turn off word verification! :)

  3. I've found this article just now - but it's never too late to make and try to keep resolutions. Ive just made the resolution not to go on my computer until I've 'created' for 5 hours. It's working. I'm getting more art done. Painted for 5 hours today - so now I can make a Google + page for my art.

  4. @Chana Helen
    That's a very good resolution Chana.. and it is a good priority to make art first, and promotion second.


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