print-on-demandFine Art America is a great place for artists to display their artworks in an online portfolio and to sell art through the Print on Demand program.

They have many amazing features for artists of all types, including the ability to sell up to 25 high quality prints for free members. It is a huge community with over 1.5 million images from artists all across the globe.


Fine Arts America has many hallmarks that enticed me to signing up, such as…

  • It is completely free, but they do have a paid upgrade option for only $30 a year, which includes an art website, unlimited uploads, and much more

  • The ability to sell prints of my art at any mark-up I choose.

  • Unlimited uploads for free members, and 25 of them can be sold as professional print reproductions.

  • Social networking with other artists with the discussions, chat, and groups features.

  • Framing of prints is available through Fine Art America.


There is so much more that will be discussed about Fine Arts America in an upcoming article.

Until then, why not signup and see what a great place it is to display and sell art prints?


Fine Art America Online Gallery and Print on Demand


Signup for Fine Art America



Join by clicking the button in the upper right of the screen.

There are three options on the next page.

  1. Artists/Photographers
  2. Galleries
  3. Collectors

artists-photographersIf you are an artist looking to sell your art, and network with other artists, galleries, and art buyers, choose the first option.


On the next page fill out the online form by entering your name and contact information. Fill in your email, agree to the terms, before clicking the “Submit” button.

The upcoming screen will present you with a temporary password, which will be emailed to you as well. It is recommended to login and change this right away.

After you have changed your password, you will be presented with your unedited Fine Art America profile page.


There are a few things you can do here right away.

  • Add a profile photograph.
    It is recommended to use one that you use elsewhere online. Continuity regarding your profile image will help others recognize you across other networks.

  • Edit biography.
    You will find this link under your profile picture on the left side. Click it and enter your artist bio., then click “Submit”

  • Add your website
    There is a spot to add a website if you have one. Run your mouse cursor over “Public Profile” and go to “Contact Information”. Set your website and any additional address information, and click “Submit” once more.

  • In the same “Public Profile” menu, you can select your specialties
    The options range from paintings, drawings, digital art, photography, pastels, and much more. Select more than one if your art is diverse, then click “Submit” again.

  • Find the “Default Tab” under the profile menu.
    Here you can set your mark-up for any artworks you will be uploading and set the default tab for your profile page to either images or galleries. You may set prices now, but individual artwork prices can be overrided later with individual uploads.

  • online-gallery-artOn the same page, scroll to the bottom of the page. Here you can enter some default upload settings by entering information as shown in the image.

    Read the information about “Full Resolution Preview” to understand why there is no need to have a watermark. Fine Art America ensures that your image is safe from online theft.

    Then click “Submit”.

  • Find “Facebook Synchronization” under the “Marketing” tab to synchronize your Facebook account with Fine Art America. By doing so, any time you add a new artwork to Fine Art America, it will be posted on your Facebook wall.

Now that you have the basics set up, it is time to start uploading your artworks. Go to your public profile, and either click “Upload Image” or “ Upload Multiple Images” to start adding your art to sell as prints at Fine Art America.




Above you will see the profile page I created.

There are many more great features in Fine Art America that you should all know about, and these will be explored in an upcoming article, including more about the Print on Demand program.

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