Google-plus-artI have been using Google+ for a few weeks now, and I can vouch for it’s effectiveness in getting my art in the public eye. I post my art there regularly, and have been getting lots of feedback, along with plenty of website visitors.

The main element that I like about Google Plus is it’s convenience, and ease of use. It is very easy to check updates from my Gmail or even Google search. The number of updates appear at the top of these and other Google sites, and all I have to do is click to get a dropdown list.


Below is a tutorial for setting up a Google+ profile and Google+ page, for anyone who has not done so already. I have highlighted some of the main features that will help artists promote their artwork on Google Plus, to make it easy for you. 

There is a space below where anyone who has a Google+ profile or page already, can share it with us. Please read on for all the details.


Creating a Google+ Profile for Artists

Google Plus Profile

  1. Filling in Basic Information for Your Google+ profile

    Create your own Website!At the top on your profile, click edit profile. Try to fill in all the information there you can, including a brief introductory  message about yourself, bragging rights, and your job. Ensure your Google+ profile is searchable by Google search at the bottom, and include any other websites and profiles, such as Twitter, Blogger, and Facebook. The videos tab can be hidden here if you do not plan to use it.

  2. Choosing a Good Tagline

    This appears under your name, and can be a little additional information about you and your art. Visitors will see this right away, so try to keep it simple, interesting, and to the point. If you are stuck in finding a decent tagline, try checking out other artist profiles on Google+.

  3. Setting Scrapbook Photos on Google+

    These can be anything you choose. Looking at other artist profiles and pages will help to come up with original ideas on how to use this.  Some artists choose five artworks to go here. Another great idea is to make use of Google Plus Banner Maker. Here, you may upload any image of your choosing, and divide it into five equal segments. I have made use of this cool tool at my Artpromotivate Google+ Page.

  4. Creating Albums (Galleries) of Artworks

    Albums can be used in the same way as online gallery websites. You may create different folders to categorize your art. There is an option here for setting the privacy. For albums that contain artworks, I recommend setting them to “public” so that they may be viewed by others, along with being seen by search engines.  

  5. Filling up Your Google Plus Circles

    googleplus-logoAdding a person to a circle is similar to following someone on Twitter, or liking a page on Facebook. After adding them, they can share posts and other information with you. A circle can be anything you like.

    For artists, a good choice is to create a circle that includes only your artist contacts. You may go even further, and include smaller subcategories of artists, such as abstract, contemporary, sculpture, digital artists, etc.
  6. Viewing and Sharing on your Live Stream

    Here artists can keep up to date with what others are posting. If you are connected with several artists, you may keep up to date with what they are creating, and what they are up to in the art world. You may do the same by posting a link, a photo of artwork, or a write-up.

    If artists want to keep track of a certain circle, this can be done by clicking on it at the right of the live stream page.

  7. Building a Google+ Artist Page

    Google Plus pages are quite similar to your Google+ profile, but they are becoming the standard for businesses, organizations, and artists. Here, you cannot include others to circles, until they have included you first. This makes the contact list so much more valuable, and focused, than on our Google Plus profile

    pages-plus-oneThe Google Plus page can broaden your horizons in the same way as a Facebook page. Having all your best artworks there, and posting regularly, you will steadily build an art following from others clicking +1 on your posts and images, and sharing them with their own Google+ friends. 

  8. Tutorial for Creating a Page on Google Plus

    After you sign into your profile, go to your live feed page. Search for the “create a page” link close to your profile image.

    Here are a few simple steps to follow for creating a Google+ Page:

    • Choose a category for the artist page. “Arts…” is the obvious choice here.
    • Create a good title for your page. 
    • Include a website, maybe an art-blog or profile on Fine Art America.
    • Click on Create, and choose a profile photo and tagline like you did for your profile. Click on Continue.
    • Sharing your artist page. You may do this now or later. It is a good idea to do this regularly as you gather new followers for your Google Plus profile.

      Google Plus Page

    • Place the Google Plus badge on any blogs or websites you may have. A good site to design your own Google+ widget is 

Share your Google+ Page and Profile With Us!


Total Freedom of Web Design!If you have a Google+ page and/or profile, you may share it by posting a comment. I will add everyone who posts here to my circles, and I ask others to do the same. As artists we need to stick together and support one another and the art community.

For those of you who have a Facebook page, you may post it at the below link in the comments, and we will be more than happy to give you a “like”!

How to Get Likes for Facebook Pages


So, if you do post your page or profile here, please share this page with your friends so they can have the opportunity of doing the same.

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  1. Thanks for the insight Graham. I've been hearing good stuff about Google+ but hadn't invested much time getting familiar with it until I read this...

    Here's my facebook page as well by the way...

    1. Hi Jason...
      I checked out your Facebook page.. your portraits are amazing!

  2. I have a question ... is this page where you are posting articles youe "google+" page? If it is, the advertisements are part of any page created on their google + site?

    1. The Google+ page has no ads at all right now.. not sure if it will in the future or not..
      This is my Google+ page

  3. I have many past or potential customers on my e-mail list, but when I signed them up I promised to send them e-mails only a few times a year. If I add them to my Google+ circle will they be overwhelmed with alters and destroy the relationship I am building with them?

    1. This only depends on which circles you have them in. When posting something, you have a choice of which circles to share it with. So, if you do not want them receiving all your regular posts, you can place them in a different circle.

  4. Thanks for the solid info!
    Sabrina Mantle, multi media artist,

    1. Thanks for sharing your Facebook page with us.. I liked!

  5. The only thing I ever get on my G+ page are postings from the same person. It used to be the same three people but two of those no longer post there. What am I missing?

  6. Not sure, but maybe you need to add contacts. Go to your circles page, then click "find people". You can connect your hotmail, and yahoo contacts there, and Google+ automatically shows quite a few that you can add to circles.

    When you add them to a circle, they get a message informing them of that. Most just follow you back.

    This is what I did when I started on Google+ and it worked for me. I'm almost up to the limit of how many I can add (5000), but I get 20-30 every day adding me to their circles.

  7. @toodevastate

    Thank-you toodevastate.. really nice of you to say!

    I just added you to my circles... I'm the first!

  8. @toodevastate

    Your Google Plus link will not work as it is...

    You need to change it to this:

  9. @Chana Helen
    Please go to your circles page and add contacts that you have on Yahoo and Hotmail. You may also share your profile link on Facebook, and elsewhere.

    Posting regularly, and making sure your posts are public, are what really gets other artists add you. When they add you, simply add them back.

    One of the most important things you can do is to start sharing images. To do this, go to your photos. I notice you only have scrapbook photos there now, but that's ok. You can share them and set the posts to public so that everyone will see them.

    I will recommend your profile to my contacts there now. Hopefully that works!

    Best of luck, and please let us know how it works out.

  10. Thanks for the correction Graham, I got it changed. My website address is also I've added you to my circles. God Bless.

  11. Yet another great tutorial, Graham. I was wondering about Google Plus but have not taken the time to di into it until now, that I 've seen this post about it. So thank you! My Facebook fan page (I run a seasonal art gallery with my wife here at The Resort Village of Manitou thing we've ever done!) is Hope you like it and thanks again. I will be checking into Google Plus and Circles.

  12. @Michael Gaudet
    Your welcome Michael.. glad to help!
    I checked out your Facebook page and gave a like..

    I have received lots of great feedback from Google+ since writing this article! One new friend there shared my art with his huge network of over 10000. Now I'm getting about 20-30 followers a day!

  13. @Fabrice Plas

    Thanks Farice.. I'll check them out right away!

  14. Hi Graham,
    A warm thank you for your work. You must have a big, kind heart to help us so much.

    My equine art can be viewed at

    All the best from faraway Finland,

    Tarja Stegars

  15. I have found G+ to be far superior to Facebook for for my business and to find other artists. I am very happy to be part of the first wave of G+ users, and to have found your site here.

    I will be visiting here often...thanks!

  16. @Unknown
    Thanks Leon,

    I already had your page added to my G+ circles, but I just gave you a Google plus one...

  17. Great article - seems I'm doing everything right so far.

    Facebook Art Page:

    Google+ Page:

  18. Hi Graham. This is very informative. I've just created Google + Page:

    My Facebook Page:

    Thank you very much! (^___^)

  19. Hi Graham:
    I have seen your interesting posts on my facebook page which is:
    My google+ page is:
    My website is

    I am gaining much from your posts they are informative, great ideas. Thank you. Lisabelle

  20. I'll add my facebook page: Now I'm off to see if I can figure out the google+ page thing...

  21. Hi
    My google page is
    Thanks for adding me, will do the same!

  22. My Artist's Facebook page:

    Like Francis I will now work on the Google Plus info.
    Thank you for your great info.

  23. It sounds really good. However my experiences with Google have not been good. For one thing, If you ever have a problem with anything Google has NO on line help. All they have is a bunch of users who don't know how to fix problems making guesses. Google has NO DIRECT CONTACT WITH USERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I once had the unfortunate experience of buying a domain name from them which disappeared. I have never been able to find it, never been able to contact Google directly and yet they still attempted to charge me for it again this year. All I could do was make a complaint to my mastercard company to block any more charges from them.:-t

  24. While I have a Google acct. I have not tried Google Plus being unsure what they really do. Thanks Graham for some of your explanations and "how to" explanations. Do you really feel your art sells more because of Google Plus?

    1. Thanks Mary... I find that its a great place to promote, but its hard to say if actual sales originated from there. But it seems to be a more professional community than Facebook.

  25. Actually, the best reason to join as an artist I'm seeing, is a lot more people actually react to your posts, not just with +1, but some leave actual comments. Once I realized this, I thought "Forget Deviantart" after being with dA for 10 years. I agree also on "more professional community" than Facebook, or for that matter, Deviantart, which is more aimed towards ages 13-20, and geared more towards fan art (especially the official contests).

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