Mobile blogging is a very convenient way of blogging while you are on the go, and do not have access to your computer. It can also be a very good method for artists to quickly share their art and experiences with their art blog readers.


Here are some situations where artists can make use of mobile phones to post photos:

  1. Museum and art gallery tours. Make sure you have permission first before posting your photographs.

  2. Progressive images of artwork. Artists can take photos of their artwork during several stages of production, and transfer them all to their blog directly through the mobile phone.

  3. Basically, any experience artists have while away from their computer can be documented through mobile phone photography, and shared with blog readers instantaneously.

We will show you how to set up a different template for your art blog at Blogger, to be viewed on mobile devices.

But first, would you like to see what your Blogger art blog looks like on mobile phones? Place this after your blog url in your browser to see what your blog looks like on mobile.  ?m=1 


How to Set a Different Blogger Template

  1. Login to your Blogger dashboard, and make sure your account is setup to use the new interface.

  2. Go to Template. Here you will see the template you are using on the web, along with the mobile template.

     blogger template
  3. Click the settings icon circled in the image above.

    mobile template
  4. Tick “Yes”. Click the down arrow under Choose Mobile Template to pick a pick a different template type. Cycle through the available options by clicking the horizontal arrows on the right. Then click “Save” and you have a new template for mobile phone viewers.

Mobile Blogging to Your Blogger Art Blog

Next, we will show you how to blog photos of your artwork, along with text, straight to your blog from your mobile device.

  • Go to your Blogger dashboard and click settings, mobile and email, and then “add mobile device” at the top. Copy the code that is given. 

     mobile blogging art
  • To send photos, you will have to use MMS (multimedia messaging service).

  • Simply login to Blogger Mobile either from your phone, or on your computer to enter the code for your art blog.

  • Now, whenever you want to post an image, send it to from your mobile phone.

  • Since iPhones do not support MMS, you will have to email the photos to your art blog, by setting up email posting. Set the email address by going to Settings, then Mobile and Email.


What do you think of blogging by mobile? Do you make use of updating Twitter and Facebook statuses by SMS?

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