If you are an artist who has a profile at Linkedin, you may have realized how effective this site can be for your art exposure. Not only can you network with other artists, but you may keep art buyers updated on new gallery shows, and other events. The Linkedin groups feature is also extremely useful for meeting thousands of other artists online.

But, did you know that Linkedin has a Behance Network portfolio app? With this you may use the artworks you have posted at Behance, and place a portfolio of them on your Linkedin profile.


I will show you exactly how you can do this in today’s tutorial…


Tutorial for Adding a Behance Network Art Portfolio to Linked In


After you sign into Linked in, go to edit profile under Profile in the top navigation menu.

Scroll down to where it says Applications and click Add an Application

Here you may find many additional applications that can enhance your Linkedin profile.

Scroll down to Creative Portfolio Display by Behance, as seen in the image below, and click the button to add it.

 linkedin behance portfolio

With this application, you may show some of your artworks on your Linkedin profile page, making them accessible to anyone viewing your profile.

Check the boxes as I have shown to set up your portfolio on both your profile, and the Linkedin homepage.

 behance art


Your existing Behance Network account can be synced by clicking on Sync Now.

If you do not have a Behance portfolio already, you will have to sign up for one. I will show you how to signup and create your portfolio right now..

(Tip: Keep the Sync Now page open.. you will have to return to it later)


behance linkedin


Click Get Started and you will be taken to the signup page. You may signup with Google or Facebook, or by entering your name and password in the box.

You may as well complete your profile while you are here, by clicking on the edit profile tab.

  • Adding a profile picture.
  • Fill in your personal information, along with a website.
  • Adding three creative fields.
  • Updating your availability, professional level, and experience


Click Save at the bottom.


Now it’s time to fill in your profile page.



  • Click About Me at the top, and fill in additional information about yourself, and your art.


  • Add profile keywords based on the art that you produce, to help others find you.


  • Fill in any art related websites you have, even Facebook pages, and Google Plus pages.


  • Click Save


Click the Customize tab, and if you feel the need to change the appearance of your profile, you may. When finished simply save again, and then press Save and Continue.

No it’s time to finally do what we have come here for… to create a portfolio of your art!

Click Projects at the top, and you will be taken to the page to create one.

Now, press Create Project.


These are the steps needed:

  1. Cover – Add an image that represents your art project, and include a title, and Save.


  2. multiple imagesContent – Here, you should select Multiple Images if you are displaying artworks. Please familiarize yourself with the controls here. There is no need to be overwhelmed by the diagram. There is actually only a couple you will be using anyway – Images, Preview, and Save.


    Click Start Now, then go to Upload Images, and select the images on your computer to upload. Once they are all uploaded you may click on each individual artwork to view available options. The images can even be marked as for sale, and be made available as prints here.


    Fill in the caption with the name of the artwork, and the medium, and maybe a short message.  A link to your website or art blog can also be added here. This may take awhile, especially if you have a few artworks uploaded. To save time you can copy and paste a general message under each one, along with a link to your art website.


  3. Settings – Fill in creative fields, search tags, description, then select Save. Then select the copyright and tools used, and click Save once more.


Finally, your portfolio project is finished and ready to be published!




Now go to your Linkedin profile and find the portfolio app. When you find Sync Profile, click this, and go through the steps of placing it on your Linked In profile.


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you need any help, then kindly leave a comment below.

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