saatchi onlineSaatchi Online is an online portfolio gallery website that offers print on demand services, as well as a chance for the artist to sell art directly from the site.


Saatchi is actually a famous art gallery based in London, England. Their primary goal since they opened over a quarter century ago, has always been to display contemporary art by emerging artists. They are very famous for launching  the careers of many artists who previously were completely unknown. I have actually visited here while in art school (1997), during a foreign study semester in Harlow, England. Of course I visited dozens of museums and art galleries during my stay there, so I can not actually remember much about the particular show we visited. 

Overall, it is a very good site for artists, and very professional. The images are nicely laid out and look very well on the page. Although they do not have many of the features that Fine Art America has, I have decided to set up my profile there, if only as another outlet for my art. I will let you all know how effective the site is after I have been there for awhile.

Below, I will list some of the more useful features of Saatchi Online, and give a brief tutorial, including screen captures.


Free Online Artist Portfolio – Saatchi Online


Here are some of the more attractive elements of Saatchi Online for artists:

  • Critiques of artworks
    Other Saatchi online artists can leave comments and vote up your artworks on Facebook.
  • There is a forum where users can find very helpful tips on selling art, and many other discussions.
  • Events
    Artists can add exhibitions, shows, presentations, and other art happenings.
  • Collection
    A group of artworks either by one artist or several different ones. Creating collections of other artist’s work can help to attract many visitors to your profile.
  • Showdown
    This is a frequently held art contest or competition for Saatchi Online members. Anyone who enters competes with other members for a chance to have art displayed at the Saatchi Gallery in London, as well as at various art fairs, internationally. Cash prizes are given away for first and second place. Only Saatchi Online members can vote here. To prevent cheating and ensure fairness, the artworks are shown randomly and can not be promoted elsewhere. This gives everyone who enters an equal chance of winning!
  • Print on demand service
    With the print on demand service, the artworks included in the portfolio gallery can be made available for art prints. You keep 70% of whatever is earned from prints, which is very high. If selling original artworks, Saatchi Gallery keeps 30%
  • Unlimited art space
    No limit to the number of artworks that can be added to your portfolio!


Signup for Saatchi Online Tutorial


  • saatchi create accountGo to Saatchi Online

  • Click the create an account link in the upper right corner.

  • Choose to create an account or signup through Facebook

  • Click “I’m an Artist” and fill in your details, and continue to the next page.

  • Be sure to check your email to verify your account. Check your spam folder if the email does not appear there.

  • Before doing anything else you should fill in your profile information. Click account, and profile image in the upper right corner. Choose a picture from your computer, upload it, then click submit.

    saatchi online art
  • Fill in the About section, contact information, and your artist website and edit the work and education.

  • Finally, it is time to start uploading images to your Saatchi Online Portfolio.
    Click the upload button, and choose an artwork from your computer. Make sure one side is larger than 1500 px and the other more than 1200 px. The actual image should be not be above 50 Mb in size, and either a jpg, gif, or png.
    Fill in all the relevant information that describes the artwork.

  • On the next page that pops up, you have to send a copy of your passport or drivers license. A scanned copy will do.

  • Continue adding more artworks by clicking the portfolio tab at the top under your name.
    If you want to learn more, please visit the faq, which can be reached at the bottom of each page.


saatchi online portfolio


Above is my Saatchi Online profile, with only one painting added. I will be adding more soon.

What is your opinion of Saatchi Online?

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  1. Your comments on the Saatchi online Gallery aren't accurate from my experience.
    They recently sold a print for me, they haven't told me or the seller that though, nor have I been paid. The seller told me she had tried to buy a print and failed, then the print turned up at her home. I haven't been paid for it.
    If you read the comments, you'll notice many problems with the uploader like it not uploading or it uploading each image twice.
    The Saatchi online gallery is run from America not England. You need to fill in forms, and pay fees so you don't end up paying tax to the American government at 30%.
    I also have a Fine Art America website, I sell more through that.

  2. @Ken Walters
    Sorry to hear about your experience with Saatchi Online. I haven't been on there long enough to give an accurate review of their services. This article is only meant as a tutorial for signing up, and becoming a member. I still recommend the site, even if artists do not take advantage of the print on demand services.
    All print on demand services have mix-ups with orders at times, even Fine Art America.

    1. Hello, Graham, It is three and a half years since you reviewed Saatchi Online. I was wondering if you could give an update of your experience with it. I am considering signing up and have looked at the site. It seems to be a good fit for me. But I am wondering how you are finding it.

  3. hi Graham,
    I just started on saatchionline and FAA out of curiousity,and I keeping my fingers crossed.

    When I couldnt upload I used google chrome instead of firefox.
    thanks for the article

  4. I am in the process of trying to cancel my account with Saatchi Online. Instead of the ability to simply delete my account online I am required to send an email to their help desk to cancel my account. I submitted my request 9 days ago and my profile is still active.

  5. like trying to find a needle in a haystack..


Thank-you for your comment!