gallery searchAre you an artist who is ready to search for the ideal art gallery to represent you, but do not know where to start?


We have listed below some ideas of areas you may focus on in your art gallery search.



Before doing your search, you may want to review our articles on these subjects in order to prepare for the gallery:

  1. How to Write a Good Artist Statement – Great tips on producing an artist statement that is clear, concise, and professional.


  2. How to Sign Art – Advice for signing drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc.


  3. How to Find the Perfect Title for Art – Finding a title for your creation that both is both informative, and descriptive.


  4. Should Artists Seek Gallery Representation? – Some questions to ask yourself before seeking a gallery to represent you.


  5. Gallery Representation or Independent Artist? – Analysis of the benefits of both galleries and independent artists


An artist biography, portfolio, and resume should also be prepared beforehand. It may also be a good idea to have your own artist website that displays your artworks online.


Places to Search for the Ideal Gallery Representation


  • Local newspapers often have an arts section that has reviews of recent shows. Check out the names of the galleries there, and find them in the phone book.


  • Artist magazines – Many of them have advertisements and reviews of art gallery shows.


  • Artist friends – They may be able to inform you of good galleries, and explain their experience with them. Since they are your friends, you can be very specific concerning questions. Ask them things like “Do you sell many artworks through the gallery?” or “Are the gallery staff good people to work with?”


  • Art gallery websites – Many have their own websites, especially the more famous of them. Use Google search to look for art galleries near you. You may do this by typing in a phrase like “art galleries list New York”. Simply fill in New York with your city name.


  • Make use of gallery directories online such as Artlooker Gallery Search and the listing of U.S.A. galleries at


What to Look for in an Art Gallery


  • Talk to the owners and the workers there. Are they friendly, and are they open to answering all your questions?


    Attract Galleries
  • Walk around the environment and check out the lighting. Look at how the artworks are framed and how they are presented. 


  • Talk to other artists who have had art shows there, and ask their opinions of the gallery service.


  • Visualize your art in that particular setting. Would it be suited to that space?


Where was the first place you displayed your art? Was it at an art gallery?

Have you shown art in your home before? (open house) If you have, can you share your experiences in this area? Would you recommend it to other artists?

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