art-buyersMany of us as artists have asked that question. The question is often not easily answered. But, there are places artists can go, and things they can do to find out who the buyers are for their style of art.

Artists generally have two choices to find buyers for their style of art.



  1. Mass promotion of your art. Although your art will be exposed to a very wide audience, this can be very time consuming. This method is often more suited to emerging artists and those who have not had many art buyers. Of course, all the tactics can be used by any artist, since any exposure, whatever it may be, is always beneficial. 


  2. Selective marketing to the group of collectors that are more likely to purchase your particular art style. This may require selling quite a few artworks first, and examining what these particular buyers have in common. On the other hand, if you are an artist who has a very distinct style suited to a certain niche anyway, you will automatically know who to promote your art.


2 Ways to Find Art Buyers


  1. Mass promotion of your art

    If your art has very broad appeal, you can try to promote it virtually anywhere.


    Some ideas of where to market art are:


    • Find a good art gallery to represent you, and have art shows. Art buyers often show up at the opening just to see if there is anything that they like. If you are an independent artist who enjoys having total artistic freedom, or dislike galleries in general, then you will have to refer to our other suggestions here. 


    • Your friends and family. Show them what you are creating. It’s best to never pressure someone into buying though. If they like it, or can afford it, they will most likely purchase from you without any convincing. Even if they do not buy artwork from you, they may tell others about your creations.


    • On the internet. There are many social networks, online galleries, and other websites online to market art. There are by far too many to mention here, but the major ones are Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and many online gallery websites such as Fine Art America. 


    • Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Contact the owner of a local restaurant or coffee shop, and ask about showing some of your art there.

      These types of places are generally receptive to artists. The owner benefits from having artworks that incite conversations, and you benefit from getting your art in front of more eyes than you ever thought possible.


    • Art competitions. Try to enter every single one that becomes available. Even if you do not win, you and your artwork will get exposure. Whoever is on the judging panel will see it, be it gallery owners or curators. The more they have to judge your artworks the more they will know how serious you are about your art career. 


    • Show your art on websites such as Redbubble, and Fine Art America, and make them available for t-shirts and postcards. If you manage to sell many, you are not only making money, but are receiving free advertising! People will be wearing your art, or sending it through the mail. Many will see your artworks, who would not have been able to before. They may even want to buy the original artwork! I will be doing tutorials on this soon for those of you who have not tried this method. Please subscribe so you will not miss out!


    • Have group showings with like minded artists. Its usually best to show alongside other artists who work in the same style as you. That way, the art buyers that often buy from them, may purchase artworks from you.


    • There are many other methods of art marketing of course… care to mention some that you have tried? 

  2. Selective promotion of art


    Try to figure out what type of people buy the art you produce. If you can categorize exactly who these people are, you will find it far easier to sell art.


    This topic will be discussed in depth soon, and I will try to explain here how to find art buyers without advertising to absolutely everyone.


    Stay tuned! This article will be particularly helpful!
UPDATE: Find part 2 here: How to Find an Audience for your Art

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