featured artist spotliteIt’s hard to believe that we have featured 10 artists at ArtProMotivate already!

The styles and mediums vary, including fusion glass art, origami 3d sculpture, abstract geometric paintings, and nature portraits.


This is a milestone for ArtProMotivate, so we will devote this entire article to reviewing these amazingly talented artists. If you have not followed them yet, or visited their websites in support, this is your chance!

These are in the order that they were featured at ArtPro Motivate.


Ten Artists Featured in the ArtPro Motivate Artist Spotlite


  1. Davide Barbanera

    gemetric minimalism Artist from Italy

    Style: Geometric Minimalism and Abstract
    Medium: Oil Painting
    Theme: Nature and secret silence
    Character: silent, absorbed, contemplative
    Advice: “Keep going hearing your inner voice”

  2. Eleanor Brownridge

    cosmic event eleanor brownridge From Ontrario, Canada

    : experimental – bold colors and fluid lines
    Medium: Fusion glass, stained glass, glass sculpture
    Theme: Nature
    Character: Energetic, Excited, Focused
    Advice: “Share your time, expertise and enthusiasm with other artists and you will be repaid a thousand times”

  3. Steven Gordon Linebaugh

    backyard evening nightscene
    From Texas, U.S.A.

    : Mix of realism and impressionism
    Mediums: painting and photography 
    Themes: Water reflections, night scenes 
    Character: Creative, honest, intelligent
    Advice: “Keep trying, always enlarging the scope and trying to get in front of as many people as possible and keep creating, as if you could stop.”

  4. Francene Levinson

    francene levinson urchin
    U.S.A. Artist

    Style: Modular 3D Paper folding
    Medium: Folded paper sculpture
    Theme: Organic forms, ocean life, birds, plant life 
    Character: Artistically Aware Woman
    Advice: “… Love what you are creating. Share it with the world. Listen for feedback.
    Say something. Don’t stop till you drop.”

  5. Piano as Art

    our lady piano art U.S.A. Artists

    Collaboration: Shauna Holiman and Penny Putnam
    Style: Postmodern – Sculpture and Collage
    Medium: Piano parts
    Themes: The piano, music 
    Character: Collaborative. Creative. Adult.
    Advice: “Follow your gut”

  6. Piotr Wolodkowicz

    Chicago, U.S.A. piotr wolodkowicz artist

    : Expressionist nature portrait and landscapes
    Medium: Oil paintings 
    Theme: Trees
    Character: Creative, hard working person
    Advice: “Work hard on your projects, don't let any one talk you out of them. Don't look too long for subjects, pick any ordinary object and recreate it into something that will be amazing.”

  7. Judy Perrin

    wildlife art catEngland Artist

    Style: Wildlife, fantasy
    Medium: Oil on canvas, coloured pencils 
    Theme: Varied, Narrative 
    Advice: “… it's all about hard work, getting to know people and keep creating stuff - never, ever stop being creative.”

  8. Michael Gaudet

    landing pad michael gaudetSaskatchewan, Canada Artist

    Style: Representational
    Mediums: Oil paint, muralist
    Themes: Portraiture, landscapes, murals, wildlife 
    Character: “I am a largely self-taught artist who is fearless and uncompromising when it comes to making art.”
    Advice: “If you want it done right, do it yourself!…”

  9. Laurie Freitag

    new day freitagArtist from U.S.

    Style: Abstract art from photographs 
    Medium: Digital Photography
    Theme: beauty, upliftment, color 
    Character: independent, optimistic, relentless
    Advice: “Just live your life. Don't do art with the attachment of making money. Art is coming through you. That in itself is enough to deal with.
    Make the art and let others see it. That's all.”

  10. Chana Helen

    hachnasat sefer torah British born Israeli Artist

    Style: Poetic, storytelling
    Mediums: Watercolors, oil painting, lino printing 
    Theme: Jerusalem life and celebrations 
    Character: “I love life, and love doing my art.”
    Advice: “Have courage. Keep steadfast. Be true to yourself. Just do it!”


We are looking forward to featuring 10 more talented artists here at ArtProMotivate in the coming weeks.

If you would like to be included, please fill out the Artist Spotlite form.

We have a few new questions, and have upped the image file submission to 5… for anyone who would like to have more of their art displayed here.

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  3. Thanks for including me on this list, ArtProMotivate! I am so happy to be considered 'contemporary'. Yay!

  4. @Michael Gaudet
    Thanks Michael! Your art is certainly contemporary.. contemporary art is art produced at this time... so, unless you are a time traveler :) ... you are a contemporary artist

  5. Traditional art is also very attractive sources to contemporary art to extend whole new style should exist, very popular, is art. Thansks


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