guestpost artist websitesDo you enjoy writing about art, or have a hot art-related topic to share? We at ArtproMotivate have officially opened up this art site to guest-posting!

Please send us art-related articles which fit into one or more of the following categories:

  1. Usefulness
  2. Helpful
  3. Informative
  4. Unique – Something that was previously unheard of. (ie breaking story)


Rules for Guestposting at ArtProMotivate


  1. All articles sent to ArtProMotivate must be art related and useful to our readers. If unsure about a certain topic, please email us.

  2. Posts must be at least 600 words in length. A good online wordcount tool is

  3. Please include a short bio, and a profile picture, or a link where we may find one.

  4. guestpost laptopOne website link is allowed, which will be placed at the bottom of the article in the bio box. Affiliate url’s, commercial websites, or links to non-art-related sites will not be accepted.

  5. If including photos, please ensure they are your own or in the public domain. Public domain photos or graphics are given away for free, without publishing restrictions. They also include photographs with expired copyright.

  6. The guestpost cannot be published elsewhere, except with small excerpts and a source credit link.

  7. All guestposts must be art related and fulfill one or more of our criteria for selection:

    Informative – Helpful – Useful - Unique

    Here are a few suggested topics and articles to spark some ideas:

    1. Tutorials that were not featured at ArtProMotivate
    2. Personal reviews of helpful online gallery websites.
    3. Your unique viewpoint on a specific art issue.
    4. Your own opinion on what constitutes art.
    5. Review of an art master, in art history.
    6. Review of an art gallery show. Please ensure you use your own photographs to illustrate, and you receive appropriate permissions.
    7. Previously unfeatured topics, such as art fairs, art contests, artist grants, call for artists, art sellers, and more.
    8. Be creative
      Try to write about something unique, which is not covered anywhere else. If you do decide to discuss a common subject, please place your own unique spin to it.
    9. If unsure of a topic, please contact us.


More Artist Guest Posting Guidelines to Remember


  1. guests friendsWe may feel the need to edit your guest post slightly, especially for grammar, punctuation, spelling, or clarity. Please do not take offence to these post quality changes.

  2. Internal linking is preferred at this artblog, so you are encouraged to link to other relevant articles at ArtProMotivate.

    Please do not include links to outside sources in the body content.

    Your art links will be included along with the bio. 

  3. Please promote your guestpost. We will be doing our own promotions, but it will be more beneficial for you and us, if the guest posting is linked to your own website, blog, or elsewhere. Please also share the article with your network of online friends. This is generally accepted etiquette for online guestpost submissions


Guest Post Formatting Instructions for Artists


    1. We prefer that you format the HTML, to save us time. If you prefer not to do so, we will edit the format ourselves.
    2. If a quote is included, include it “inside quotes”, along with a source and credit link.
    3. Please use H3 and H4 tags for headings.
    4. Make use of lists if possible, and use short or broken-up paragraphs.
    5. Browse older posts at Artpromotivate for preferred formatting.


Very Important!

Please save your post in a notepad or similar document before sending. This will ensure the article isn’t lost, if something happens during transmission.

Remember, we are very busy here, and you may not hear back from us right away. But, we will try our best to inform you of our decision within 48 hours.

If you do not hear back from us during that time, please resubmit your guestpost.

Please send the guestpost for review to gmatthews9 @ gmail. com (without the spaces) or via the suggestions form above.

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  1. need to update featured artists, seen them all, need fresh list!

  2. @Anonymous
    The list is growing very large! We will be creating a contents page soon, and having a section for featured artists...

  3. Questions:

    What is the limit on article word count?

    What is the width of the text box for which the article is to be formatted?

  4. @Peter Cohen

    Hi Peter!

    There is no maximum word-count limit at the moment... of course if it is over 2000 words I may have to split it up into two posts, which the writer will receive a link for each one.

    The minimum is 600 words, but I may be flexible with that depending on the topic.

    Width is not needed. I paste the code into Windows Live Writer and it automatically fits to the text box.

    Thanks Peter!!

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  6. Call out to artist. National Farm Art Sculpture Award.
    The Spirit of the Land Lockhart Festival held on the 12th-14th October 2012. Lockhart's Spirit of the Land festival is a unique dynamic festival in the Australian Art world with "Farm Sculpture" created from recycled metals, farm material and elements of the land. The Festival grew out of the worst drought in the Shire's 110 year history, with escalating concerns over rural suicide and economic hardship and now with 2 devastating floods in 18 months.
    Our sculptures have deep meaning and come from the soul. Many stories have come from the artist who after many years of working or who had life put on hold started playing with art. They breathe heart and it touches your soul when you look at their work.
    Prize pool of $17,000 with a $10,000 1st prize, but the publicity, commissioned works, and opportunity to sell you work over the weekend offers so much more. Other categories include garden art, silhouette, fine art, photography and Indigenous art. This year a new award for indigenous artist is their painting will be bought, reproduced and vinyl wrapped around a train locomotion engine.
    No matter your ability there is a category for all and a chance to showcase your work to a huge array of visitors and corporate bodies. There is no theme, it a buyers paradise
    With your entry this year the Spirit of the Land committee in conjunction with CountryLink can off you a return trip from any CountryLink station to come to the festival. A great weekend spent with artists exchanging ideas and creativity and enjoys true country hospitality.
    The Spirit of the Land also offers boutique markets, live entertainment, and Biplane flights.
    Get creative, create an art work and bring it Lockhart. Check out our web or Facebook.

  7. Graham, is there a way you can set things up where the photos can be enlarged to get a better look? This would be a great addition to your
    site if possible.
    I suspect there is some issue, or you would have done it already.
    No harm in asking!

  8. Thank you Sarah, really interesting info.


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