I have recently been busy completing some slight appearance and navigation updates to Artpromotivate.

Here are some of the changes I have made so far…

  • Added an About Us page

    This page explains a little about myself (Graham Matthews),  where I come from as an artist, and why I am writing these articles to help other artists.

  • Included a drop-down menu to the top navigation bar

    I have added some of Artpromotivate’s most popular and helpful art promotion and inspiration articles there, so that they can be easily accessible. I will be adding more links and making small adjustments to this menu bar as time goes on.

  • New logo on the top left

    I changed the top Artpromotivate banner into a simpler, more professional looking one. This is the way it looked before for those who have not seen it.

    art marketing promotion

  • Logo on the top right

    I created a drawing on paper first, scanned it, then made some changes in Photoshop. I like how it fills the space, but I may decide to place something else there later. Suggestions for this are welcome.

I am constantly making adjustments to this website. The main two areas I am working on are navigation and appearance. I am trying to make Artpromotivate as user-friendly as possible.

I welcome and value all suggestions and criticisms

What would you like to see here?

Do you like the colours, or would you like to see them changed?

Are you having any trouble finding past articles?

Your opinions and advice mean a lot to me, and will help guide the future of Artpromotivate!

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