signature brush photoshopLast time we explored all the steps of how to create a signature and erase the background. These actions are a prerequisite for this Photoshop tutorial.


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This signature may be adopted as a way of signing digital artworks. When taking photos of artwork, and transferring them to small scale images on the computer, sometimes the signatures are scarcely recognizable. To identify you as the creator, a copyright message or digital signature may have to be applied onto the web image.

Photoshop brushes are one of the best tools to create a custom signature.

Once you have made your first Photoshop signature brush, you will realize how easy it is to reuse over and over. The brush may even be utilized as a watermarking tool. Simply insert a copyright symbol © along with the watermark. Follow the steps in our Photoshop watermarking tutorial, along with the guidelines below to create your new watermark brush.


Creating a Photoshop Signature Brush


  1. Select the rectangular marquee tool and drag it around your signed name.

  2. Next, select EditDefine Brush Preset

  3. Name your brush something simple to identify, such as signature, and click OK.

  4. You now have a new signature brush!

  5. To use the brush anytime, select it in Photoshop as described below.

  6. If you later decide changes are needed for the signature, such as bevelling, create a new brush by retracing these steps.

How to Add Signature to Digital Art and Photographs

  1. photoshop signatureOpen the digital artwork, photograph, painting, or drawing file which will bares your signed name.

  2. Create a new layer, then select the brush tool

    Click the down arrow, as circled in the screenshot, and find the brush previously created, and select it.

    My brush was the last one on the list.

  3. Adjust the size of your brush with the slider

    When it is the desired size, click once on the artwork, and your signed name will automatically imprint like a rubber stamp.

    If you do not like the color, or it doesn’t display clearly onto the painting, select Undo, and choose a new brush color.

  4. Change the style of the Photoshop signature

    A dropshadow, bevel, emboss, and more may be added by selecting fx in the layers panel. Please refer to our Photoshop watermarking tutorial for specific instructions. (the link is above)


Now that you have a brush for signatures, consider other uses. Create a signature banner to include at the bottom of emails. Include your signed name on your artist website, either at the bottom or as a banner. Use it in designing artist postcards, business cards, and in a logo.

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If you need any help creating a Photoshop signature brush, please leave a comment.

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