facebook pageA Facebook welcome page is the first page viewed by visitors to a fanpage.  Having a good welcome page is one of the best methods for receiving Facebook likes

Imagine a welcome page as the cover of a book, or the homepage of a website. The cover of a book often displays a visual summary, along with a title, of what the book is about. The best book covers invoke curiosity, and invite us to open up the pages. A welcome page for Facebook should be no different.


What are the features of an optimally presented Facebook artist welcome page?


  1. Large images
    The artworks should be relatively large, and not small thumbnail images. They should be the main focus on the page, and should visually “wow” the viewer into wanting to see more.
  2. Choose the best artworks
    Art chosen should be the most successful and inviting pieces of the artist.
  3. A good title
    The title should be descriptive of the art displayed. 
  4. A brief bio
    A very short artist statement or bio is often displayed at artist Facebook welcome pages. This should only be a brief summary of the artwork, and influence readers into wanting to learn more about the art.

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Creating a welcome for a Facebook custom fanpage is very simple.

Pagemodo offers an easy to setup method of creating a welcome tab for a Facebook page.


Facebook Custom Fanpage – Pagemodo Welcome


Visit Pagemodo custom welcome page builder.

Press on “Start NOW!”

Assign permissions for Pagemondo to use your Facebook account for the free welcome page.

Choose the page that is going to display an introductory welcome.

Select a welcome page theme. There are limited choices for free members. We will show how to build a professional looking welcome page without having to pay a dime!


pagemodo templates


This Facebook tutorial involves the “Photo Art Gallery Theme”, but please browse the other themes to see if you prefer a different one.

Customize the theme to your liking, and proceed to the next step.


Page modo Template Editor


  1. facebook artistAdd separate artworks into the separate Placeholder Image boxes. 

  2. Click Done after each addition.

  3. Use the text editor to add brief messages. Adjust font sizes and colors, and add a link if desired.

  4. Visit other artists on Facebook to see what they have placed in the text boxes for the Pagemode welcome page.

  5. Click I’m done editing when finished.

Set the Like gate to off, then click next step.



Publish Page
Write a name for your welcome tab, and select an icon. Ensure free is selected here.

Simply click publish, and the Pagemondo welcome tab will instantly show at the Facebook page. 

When changes or additions are needed, go to the welcome page and click edit this page.


How to make any page a Facebook Welcome-page


  1. Go to edit page, in the top right corner of the Facebook page
  2. Click Manage permissions  and find Default Landing tab
  3. Select the landing page for visitors to the custom Facebook fanpage 


Are you an artist who has a custom Facebook fanpage?


Please leave your Facebook page link below, and tell us a little about yourself and your art, so we can follow.

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  1. I have a FB account as myself: "Dorothy Byers Lorenze"
    and a FB page as "Dorothy Lorenze | painting". This is the page I would like to create the welcome page for.
    When I go to Pagemodo it needs me to switch back to my personal FB "Dorothy Byers Lorenze". Is there a way around that? I don't want another app to access my personal FB account.

    Thanks for your help and for all the info you provide. There is SO MUCH to learn!!!

  2. I have a personal FB account as myself "dorothy byers lorenze" and a FB page for my artwork which is "dorothy lorenze | painting" This is the page I would like to make a welcome page for. But when I go to pagemodo, it wants me to switch back to my personal FB and access that account to make the page. Is there anyway around that? I don't really want another app to access my peraonal page and I want to promote the art FB page only. Will I be able to make a welcome page for my painting page? Do I need a different totally separate FB Fan page somehow?

    Thanks for any info you can provide to help - AND for all the good information you provide to artist. There is SO MUCH to learn!!!

  3. @dorothy lorenze
    Thanks Dorothy...
    I think the way Facebook apps work is they first have to access the Facebook personal account, then from there access pages. I don't think there are any apps specifically for pages, except the ones that are already there.
    Pagemodo only allows one free welcome page, but there are other apps for welcome pages. To find one, insert "welcome" in the top search bar in Facebook.

  4. I've tried Pagemodo as well, but I don't like the fact that it's on their server. I rather have everything in my own hands :-) Therefore, I've decided to create my fan page with WordPress (using the plugin WP4FB - works great!).

  5. @Wilco
    Thanks for recommending WP4FB! I may give it a try.

  6. I just created a welcome page for my Facebook page using Pagemodo yesterday, then I found you article, too funny! I think I will eventually have my wife make one with HTML, but for now I am happy with Pagemodo.

    I love your website, I have been reading through all your great post and articles for a few days.

    Here is my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Custompaintingstudio

  7. @Jeff Taylor
    Thanks Jeff! I'm glad you love the site!

    I just visited your page.. and sent a "like" your way...

  8. @Graham Matthews

    Thanks! I subscribed so I won't miss anything.


Thank-you for your comment!