rembrandt masterpiece studioI have been thinking about what constitutes a masterpiece, and how to create them. I have seen many great works of art, in museums and galleries as well as on the internet.

Many artworks online have made me stop and say “Wow!”, while others I just pass by, by clicking the “next” arrow. It is no different viewing paintings and sculptures in museums and galleries. There are some that suddenly stir my imagination as I stand before them.



I instantly know in my heart that I am standing in front of a work of true art… a masterpiece.


I have been wondering a couple of things about masterpieces.

  • What constitutes an art masterpiece?
  • How do artists create a master piece?


What constitutes an art masterpiece?


Most of us have seen works of art that have made us awestruck. Whether in a museum, a gallery, or online, the artwork makes us stop in our tracks, and stand in amazement at the sheer genius displayed. We may not even know who the artist is - that does not matter. The artwork stands on its own, and stirs our consciousness. After we finally leave, the work of art embeds in our mind, and forever is a part of us.


rembrandt self portraitHave you ever viewed a work of art which has had this affect on you? My experience was gazing at Rembrandts at the Louvre, in Paris. I’ve always loved Rembrandt paintings and prints, but seeing them in person was an experience on a whole new level. Rembrandt was a true genius in his craft. In my opinion, nearly everything he created are masterpieces, especially his portraits. But, everyone may not think that way about Rembrandts. Everyone has their own taste in art. My master piece may be someone else’s art disaster.

On the other hand, I am not a big fan of some of Jackson Pollock’s art, but I do recognize his innovativeness. Just because his drip paintings do not have that effect on me, does not mean that others can not consider them masterpieces. I do not discriminate against any style, and I do not think anyone else should.


This brings me to the point that master pieces are either personal or universally accepted. Artists can have their own masterpieces that they recognize as their highest achievement. I have at least one special painting that I consider a masterpiece. It is what I consider to be the best painting that I ever completed.


How do artists create a master piece?


  1.  mona lisa leonardoMasterpieces often happen by producing lots of art.
    Most famous artists have actually conceived very few master works. Picasso created over 100,000 artworks during his life, but only a small percentage of them are considered masterful.  Obviously, these master pieces are the direct result of him spawning so many.

  2. Masterpieces are not often planned.
    Artists cannot go to their studio and say “I’m going to create a masterpiece today”. It just doesn’t happen that way.

  3. Masterpieces are created by working hard, and creating loads of art. Most of them may be subpar in our eyes, but the few that stand out really make being an artist very rewarding. Many times when I paint, my mind wanders back to other artistic achievements I have made. I am always in competition with myself, so to speak. Trying to surpass my best paintings has helped me become a better artist.


For artists, the masterpiece is the work of art that stands out from the rest. It is one of the artist’s highest artistic achievements. If you have created a masterpiece, take pride in it. Strive to do even better, and bring your art to new heights.


Have you created a special work of art that you consider your masterpiece?

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