add employer facebookMany artists are discovering Facebook fanpages as an extremely effective method for promoting their artworks, along with receiving plenty of friendly feedback.

But, one of the main problems many artists are having is encouraging Timeline friends to visit their fanpages. Most have listed the Facebook like page in their About section, but this appears on a separate page altogether, and is frequently visited.

How do artists make their Facebook fan page appear right above the Timeline? There happens to be one easy way to do this by changing your employer to your fanpage!


I will show all of you how to do this in the following Facebook tutorial.

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How to Get Facebook Likes by Adding Facebook Page Employment


Let Facebook friends know you are a self-employed artist!


facebook timeline employerFor Facebook profiles, the employer of the person may be set. This link appears above your Timeline, in a prominent position right beneath the profile picture, for all to see. (Owner at Artpromotivate in the image on the right)

Websites found in your personal About section appear on a completely separate page.


The employer listed actually points to a business page. The link displayed may be changed to direct to any fan page. If you are a self-employed artist with a Facebook like page, you should be using this as your employer.

I will not delay any longer and show you how to do this right now.

  1. Go to your FB fanpage and find the title.  It appears right at the top. Remember this, or copy it to your clipboard. I have 3 FBook pages personally, but I am using Artpromotivate for this example.

  2. facebook artistsNext, go back to your profile and click the Update Info button.

  3. facebook likesUnder the Work and Education, enter the title which was copied. A popup should appear listing your artist page. If several show, just click your own to make it display an employer.

  4. Select the position by typing it in, and clicking it in the options which appear. Something like Artist or Freelance Artist, or Studio Artist may work well for art pages.

  5. Enter your city/town, a brief description, and the time period, then click the Save Changes button.


Go back to your Facebook Timeline and see your artist page appearing right at the top.

If you decide to add more employers, save this one for last.  The one that appears there is the last one you entered!

This employer change only takes a few minutes, and should help bring Facebook friends to visiting your artist page.  I hope this helps!


You are all invited to visit my 3 fanpages:

Artpromotivate – the official page for this site
Graham Matthews Art – abstract oil paintings
Portraits by Graham Matthews – pencil portrait drawings and oil painting portraits


If you do visit me and become a fan, please let me know, and I will return a like…

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