artists googleWhat are Google Plus circles?

Circles are basically groups of gathered Google+ members. A circle can be based on anything, such as photographers, abstract artists, musicians, famous people, etc.

The interesting thing about these groups is that the people inside them never know they are placed there. The category is kept completely private.



Sharing circles 
Sharing circles is a relatively new feature for Google plus. The benefit is that other Googleplus members who are interested in a specific niche, can follow all the people without having to search for individuals. This is actually advantageous for artists. Several artist and photographer circles exist on Google+ already. Being a member of one or many of them greatly increases the chance of gathering a large Google following. I have been very fortunate to be added to some very wonderful circles, filled with very talented artists from around the world. As a result, I now regularly receive 20-30 followers daily.

The great thing about circles is that once they are shared, others can share them too. If this happens enough times, there is a clear viral possiblity.

Read on as we explain how you can create a circle of your own, and share it with your friends on plus Google. We also give some helpful tips on how to format text in posts. You will also have a chance of being in the Artpromotivate Artist Circle by simply posting your profile link below.


How to Create and share a Google Plus Artists Circle


Google plus artLog into your profile, and go to your circles page. Select artists either from circles you already have, or use the search feature to look for them. They can be added simply by dragging and dropping into a one already created. To create a new circle, drop at least one person inside the gray circle on the left. Once you do so, there will be an opportunity of naming it.

To share the circle, simply select it, and click the “Share this circle” link. A posting popup appears, where you may enter a message, and set the people to send it to. Below I will show you how to format the text for your message.


How to add text formatting to Google+ posts

These are the symbols you should use around the text:

  • For BOLD              *boldtext*
  • For Italic                _italictext_
  • For Strikethrough  -strikethrough-

All of them can be used in combination too, like this _-*combotext*-_ to make combotext


Artpromotivate’s Shared Circle of Talented Artists

This can be viewed by visiting here.

If you would like to be included, please post your profile link in the comments section below. You will be added to the next version that we create.

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  5. Hello Graham! Yet another helpful post! I am not entirely sure who initially recommended that I jump in to G+ -it's all a bit of a blur now- but I have to say that it is a great way to get out and connect with fellow artists and creative people in general. And so easy! You have done a great job of explaining the ins and outs of this great new tool here. BTW, thanks for adding me to your G+ circle a while back. It's a very cool new networking program with some terrific features.

  6. @Michael Gaudet
    Your very welcome Michael.. I never hesitated in adding you, as well as all the other very talented artists I have met there.

    I will be posting about another great networking tool I found later today. I know, ...there's not enough time in the day to join and participate in everything... But I think this one is more geared toward artists than Google+, and it can be certainly used in conjunction with Google plus and Facebook!

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  9. I would love to join your circle I am a total newbie with google+ and quite lost. The article was great help thank you. My google+ page is 'artist c.j.cairns', my profile is 'cj cairns'. My website is I am a surrealist artist and would love to met and discuss with other artists.

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