stretching digital artFor today’s visual artist interview, we feature Laurie Freitag, a digital photography artist from the U.S.A. She creates abstract digital paintings from photographic images of objects and places rarely recorded.

Laurie Frietag tells of her background, style, themes, motivations, and art marketing methods.

She also has a website where many more of her artworks can be viewed, which is at the end of this artist spotlight.

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Please give us a some background about you and your digital art. 


I’m a digital artist who creates abstract work from photographs by shooting into kitchen & bathroom sinks, greasy pans, dusty lightbulbs, boiling pots of water and swimming pools. As most artists, I walk between many worlds. Unable to "see" those worlds with the naked eye, I use current technology to "see" what lies just beyond our "senses". Using intuition as a guide, my art is energy driven allowing my subconscious to play with the techno-variables. Being a seeker of inner balance, finding beauty in familiar places, reassures me that the world, so full of serendipity, is a place that offers surprises as long as I remember to look.

I spent 20 years working behind the scenes in Los Angeles TV news '77-'97. Being subjected to bad news everyday took it's toll on my soul. After leaving TV, I began a journey to see the good;won the LA Press Association award for continuity. In the late 80’s I was a contributor to the LA Reader and shot over 25 stories. I also spent 10 years singing in local dance/swing bands until creative focus changed it's direction back to photography.

SALES of my work: Fine Art America


What was your first experience creating?   

My first experience creating was wonderful. I was 8 years old, had my own room, and had permission to cut up magazines. I created a wall of dreams of my favorite images, words and sentiments. It took me a year to complete and was very personal to me. This was back in 1965 before people were talking about vision boards.


new day freitagWho or what motivates you to create digital art?   

Who motivates me? Me
I'm intrigued by the process of digital photography. What surprise will unfold? I never know starting a piece what it will look like when it's complete.

What are your main art influences?   

My main art influences are light.

I watch the reflections of light in kitchen and bath sinks. I notice the lines in those areas and once I get my hands on the image, my computer is able to disassemble what I imagine is already there.

Can you explain your style and process?  

I'm an abstract artist. I shoot with a simple aim and shoot camera. I use Windows PC photo program to manipulate the temperature, contrast and hue of the image. I adjust and adjust the controls until I like what I see.


laurie freitag digital photographyWhat are the primary themes of your digital artworks?   

I like themes of upliftment and beauty. I like saturated colors of orange, yellow, red and purple.

How have you marketed your art online and offline?   

I have participated in local art shows. I use Facebook to talk about my work. I also write an art blog on the online newspaper The Blog for the NOHO, Toluca Lake and Studio City newspaper, The Patch.



Three words that summarize Laurie Freitag

independent, optomistic, relentless

Any good advice for upcoming and struggling artists?   

Just live your life. Don't do art with the attachment of making money. Art is coming through you. That in itself is enough to deal with. Make the art and let others see it. That's all.


A big thank-you to Laurie Freitag for filling out our artist interview questionnaire. If you would like to see more of her inspiring digital photographic artworks, please visit her site at Laurie Freitag

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  1. You work is full of the light and colour which you love - I love it, too. Like you, Laurie, I 'like themes of upliftment and beauty'. Thank you for sharing your work.


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