paintings i love reviewI am a member of quite a few online gallery websites, but Paintings I Love has features that are quite unique from what I have seen.

First off, they are devoted to exclusively to featuring traditional paintings and drawings. Photography, digital images, ceramics, mosaics, murals, pottery, computer generated art, and sculpture are not allowed at all.





If you are a painter and have been craving feedback on your artwork, then this is a ‘must join’! The site seems to be very dedicated to encouraging comments and feedback from its members.  

I will guide you through some of the distinguishing features of Paintings I Love.


Paintings I Love – Traditional Painting Portfolio Site Tour


  1. FREE Members
    Free Paintings I Love members are allowed to add 15 total images to their personal portfolio. If you delete one, it is still counted, so try to select only your best paintings! They are also free to vote, comment, and submit artworks to challenges and groups, and include an artist website!

  2. No commissions
    Artists who exhibit may choose to sell art through Paintings I Love without being charged commission fees.

  3. love paintingsVoting on other paintings
    Click on I like it or I love it to submit your vote on other member’s artworks. The paintings may also be shared on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Stumbleupon, and more.

  4. Comment Generator
    The comment generator is a great feature for encouraging and receiving feedback for artworks that are receiving relatively few comments. Hover your cursor over Groups, then Comment Generator, and select the group according to the number of comments you have.

    Images will not be shown until you comment a set number of times on other artworks. (ie comment 5 times to be including in the less than 10 comments group) If you are a new member, and have no feedback at all, then you may send the same artwork to all groups.

  5. portfolio beretBerets
    Berets are a reward for commenting, critiquing, and performing other actions at Paintings I love. Some are very easy to earn, while others require a high degree of effort. They have no real value, only to display your level of activity in Paintings I Love.

  6. Your Paintings I Love portfolio URL
    The online gallery web address for your portfolio is…

    Fill in the blue section with your first and last name.


Setting up your Paintings I Love Profile Tutorial


  1. Click the big green button at Paintings I Love to join.

  2. Settings page

    • Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Add a profile portrait or exhibition poster as a profile image.
    • Link Twitter and Facebook profiles. Every time a new artwork photo is added, a message automatically is posted to Twitter and Facebook Timeline.
    • Fill in an artist biography, artist statement, and contact details, which appears on the portfolio page.
    • Include your artist website, which displays beneath artworks in your portfolio.
    • Right at the bottom, enter your referring friend so that they will receive a free reward. Click the name of the member that matches.

      If I referred you, please enter… Graham Matthews

  3. image file uploadAdding Artworks
    Click Add Pictures near the top of the portfolio page to upload paintings or drawings. Find the image file on your computer, add a brief statement about the painting in the Notes section, and select relevant tags from the list. After adding your first image, you will receive an opportunity to validate your email, in order to leave comments.

  4. Groups
    Hover your mouse cursor over Groups and select Popular Groups that fit within your art style.  After finished joining groups, go back to your painting and select Add to Groups. Pick the groups that match the theme of the artwork and submit your painting for group consideration.


If you decide to signup for Paintings I Love, please include your portfolio URL below so all can visit your paintings… and like it or love it!

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  1. It all sounds great except for the 15 paintings limit. I hope my 15 best right now are not my 15 best a year from now (giving and taking a few new ones). Does it really mean I can never change my 15?

  2. @John
    I agree. I wish they would increase that limit. Maybe they will as time goes on.

  3. @John
    Hi - just to let you know that Gold Members receive unlimited uploads.

  4. Graham, thanks for reminding me about this site. I had entered a few paintings last summer and finally added a couple more this week. How do we find your paintings on there? Mine are at I will look yours up and comment. Thanks again. Jean

  5. @undefined


    My page is

    I only have 3 on there so far.. will be adding more later.. :)

  6. It's only £12 a year to be a gold member of paintingsilove and exhibit as many paintings as you like to the whole world! that's what I call bargain! Where I live in a small town in Gloucestershire UK, we have a small gallery not much larger than a public toilet, and it costs £250 per week! to hire. If you get 250 visitors in a week you have done well.

  7. Graham (love your work, by the way)are you sure about the 15 picture limit on Paintings I Love? I am not a gold member or anything fancy and I have a total of 30 paintings displayed there right now. In fact, I ad about two paintings a month without any problems. (Oops! Maybe I shouldn't have revealed that). It could be though that there was no limit when I joined and now, because so maany artists are involved, they've found it necessary to introduce a ceiling. But whatever, I really would like to see mre of your paintings.

  8. @ken loots
    Thanks for the comments. Maybe they changed the limit since I wrote the article.

    Thanks for liking my work... if you want to see more, I have a few at my art blog

    I also have quite a few that I haven't photographed yet... I really have to set aside some time to photoraph them soon... :)

  9. There is absolutely NO limit on the number of paintings that can be uploaded on to this site! There are a number of advantages to being a Gold member, but free members can upload and comment on any number of paintings. The only disadvantage to the site is the lack of a forum or discussion facility for artists to exchange information on techniques etc.

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