twitter artistsHave you used Twitter for your art promotion? On the surface, Twitter might not appear useful for artists, mainly because the micro blogging posts do not even include images.

But there are several ways artists can use Twitter to gather a following, including having your artwork on your Twitter profile.

Would you like to now how to get a huge Twitter following for your art? It will not happen in one day, but it may if you follow the tips and tricks below.



Tips and Tricks for Twitter Artists

  1. Twitter follow artArt Tweets
    Tweet often and try to make them interesting. If you have an artist website or blog, it can be sent to Twitter every time it is updated, after new artworks are added, and when a post is created. Twitter followers can be updated about new shows, art presentations, works in progress, and recommendations for other artists.

    If you start a new painting, Tweet about it. This is what Twitter is all about, hence the question over the Tweet box stating “What’s happening?” This phrase once asked “What are you doing now?”. The question change implies artists should update about current daily happenings in their art career, as well as other things they are interested in.
  2. Artist Twitter Profile Image
    The profile picture here should be no more than 700k, and either a  jpg, png, or gif file. Try to use the same picture used at other social network profiles. There are many possibilities for the image you want to place there.

    Some ideas are:
    • A photo of one of your artworks
    • A picture of yourself
    • A logo or design representing your art

  3. Fill in your artist bio
    The bio is a short message that appears at the top of your Twitter profile. It cannot be any more than 160 characters long, so it is advisable to make every word count. The words used act as keywords, helping others find you according to interest.

    For example, if you are an artist who creates “contemporary steel sculpture”,  placing those words will help others who are interested in this genre find you by using the Twitter search feature, and on various other websites as well. One such site to find people according to interest is Wefollow.

  4. twitter artistsArtists who have profiles on various other social networks can share their Twitter updates by connecting accounts. In most cases, the method for setting this up is to log into the other account, and connect to Twitter from there. 

    The list of sites that allow you to automatically post to Twitter is too long to mention, but we will mention a few: Facebook, Yahoo, Google+, Linkedin, etc.

    One issue you should beware of is to avoid crosslinking too much. Take this example. If you have your Twitter account linked to your Facebook page, and have your blog setup to share Tweets when posts are made, then you may experience a double post if the link is shared on Facebook.

  5. Visit Twitter Goodies for free resources, including widgets and buttons for your website. Installing a Twitter follow widget or button will allow others to follow your Tweets without leaving your site.

  6. Artweet for Twitter 
    Add photos of your best artwork to the sidebar. The result is one background image created from several of your photos. Artweet is surprisingly easy to setup. Have your artworks there, and visitors will have no doubt that you are an artist. Above is the Artweet background I created.

What do you think of  Twitter for artists? Do you know of any particular Twitter widgets or Twitter follow websites that may be useful to our readers?

If you are an artist who has a Twitter profile, you are welcome to post it here so we can follow. Artpromotivate can be followed at Twitter here: Follow us!

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