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Many artists who first venture into the online world of promoting art feel very overwhelmed and end up giving up. With so many websites to join, and so many methods of art promotion, it is very easy to lose priority.

It is important to maintain focus on why you are here. Why are you marketing your art to the online world? Is it to gather a following? Are you hoping to sell your artworks?  Are you simply interested in finding encouragement and inspiration from other artists? Whatever your answer, even if all of the above, it is essential to always remember this central purpose.


Always keep this in the back of your mind while promoting art. Distraction is easy when visiting other artist websites, commenting on forums, replying to requests at Facebook, checking emails, etc. Everything requires a certain time commitment. The best way to be a truly successful online artist and to maintain focus is to prioritize your time. Aim for the things that work for you, and spend less time at the rest.


What follows is a list of recommended priorities for online artist success:

  1. Building and maintaining an artist website
  2. Exhibiting art at free online portfolios and print on demand websites
  3. Posting art and participating in social networks, art community forums, art groups, etc.


Building and Maintaining an Artist Website


artist websitesTo achieve a large degree of artistic success online, an artist website should be the number one priority. If having no web designing experience at all, consider enlisting the help of a friend who knows about these things. Hiring a professional website designer may also be an option. Web designers may be expensive, but the investment is well worth it.



If deciding to build your own art website, then try to dedicate all online time to this important task. Stay away from Facebook and other time wasters for awhile. The sooner the online portfolio is created, the sooner your online time will have a tangible and productive purpose.

That is, promoting your art online, and leading art lovers and art buyers to your own art website.

For those who already have a portfolio site, a considerable portion of online time should be spent making the site visually appealing and user friendly.

Make art the attention grabber for pages by using large images. Write lengthy descriptions. Have an easy to use navigation system for viewing other artworks. Include a way for visitors to provide feedback. Continue to update the art site regularly and notify your network when doing so.


Join Various Online Portfolio Websites


print on demandOnce the artist website is created, it is time to begin exhibiting at online galleries. Try to join as many as possible and include the same artworks, descriptions, and keywords to save time. There is often a place to insert the art website link. If possible, include this link along with image and gallery descriptions.

The purpose of all this is to attract visitors to your own portfolio site. Please do not disappoint these visitors by not having an attractive portfolio. They will be more likely to leave right away if it is filled with flash, or is difficult to navigate.

We have a list of a few online portfolio sites, and we are consistently reviewing more at ArtProMotivate:

Behance Tutorial
Deviant Art
Fine Art America


Social Networks, Art Groups, Artist Forums, etc.


social networkingThis is often what takes the most time. Join as many social networks and art communities as possible and make sure the art website URL is shared at each one. Have them all bookmarked in one folder in your web browser. Only login when responding to a comment or adding a new post or artwork.

The  best approach is to allot a certain amount of time for these tasks, and commit yourself to not going over that time.


Distractions abound with social networks, especially Facebook, so always keep your mind on the purpose: promoting your art.

Here are some of our tutorials for social networks:

Linkedin Groups Tutorial
Pinterest for Artists
Twitter Artists
Flickr Art Tutorial
Youtube Slideshow
Google Plus Art
Facebook Art Pages

We will be adding many more to this list in the coming weeks, and months. Please subscribe so none will be missed!

For a list of online bookmarking websites and social networks, please visit:
Promote Art Links With Social Networks and Online Bookmarking Websites

Analyze Where Your Visitors are Coming From


Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Signup for Google Analytics and find out where the majority of your website visitors are coming from.  If most are coming by way of Linkedin, for example, then that is where one of your priorities should be. Continue to spend time posting there regularly at different groups, and sending requests for contacts with group members.


Remember, as an artist, the best and fastest way to succeed is to designate art creation as your first priority.

It should be no different for an artist website. Make this your priority online and promote it wherever you go.

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  1. Hi Graham..a while back you posted a video of a female Canadian painter who was featured on the news and selling two paintings a day on Ebay...I think. Do you have her name? Thanks

  2. @Anonymous
    Her name is Osnat Tzadok... here's a link to the video

  3. Great tips.
    Also GalleriesHQ is a very noteworthy FREE app for artists, check it out:


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