space for reflection 3Rob Heath Artist

Loire, France

Subjects: Cityscapes, Urban Skylines, Landscapes, Twin Towers Paintings

Styles: Surreal/ Abstract Expressionism/ Figurative 




Paintings (Top to Bottom): Space for Reflection 3, In the Shadow of the Tower, Liquidity, Orange Cascade, Thameside Red


Rob Heath - Cityscapes, Urban Skylines, Twin Towers Paintings, and more…


I'm a 47 year-old expat British national now living in France (since 2002). I work in the Media business: Music and theatrical Publishing and production music sectors. I have been painting since I emigrated in 2002 and have had exhibitions in UK, USA, France, and Hungary. In France I am registered with La maison des Artistes, Paris although I still consider myself an amateur.


in the shadow of the towerSTYLE

I produce both abstract and figurative paintings. I love to experiment with different styles and media.


Mainly acrylic and various textures, but also experiment with patination of metals and oil paint.


I love contrasts, and always try to include some conflicting meaning either physically in the picture or subconsciously behind the design.



Often I start by laying down a bed of texture and cover this with a fairly neutral colour to emphasize the relief. I then examine any potential shapes or interesting patterns that have emerged and try to construct something around that.


liquidity abstract paintingINFLUENCES

I am influenced by many! I have not narrowed down my style to a single definitive niche as I always love to learn new techniques! I suppose I am mainly attracted by abstract expressionism as that, to me, allows the most freedom to develop.



I am a member of several artistic websites that offer supportive discussion and criticism of each others works. This is extremely useful and helps to gauge where the markets are in different countries.

I also maintain my own website and regularly take part in competitions.

Why do you create art?

Art for me is an outflow of my creative energies. It is a real purifier and complete opposite to my daily routine of work in the business part of the media industry.

How often do you paint?

I try and either paint or gather ideas to paint every day. If I have a real block I have a few days off and usually something just occurs from something else in my daily routine that suggests itself as a subject or theme.


rob heath orange cascadeDo you make a living with your art?

I couldn't say that Art is my living, as it is very difficult nowadays to survive on selling art alone. However, I would say that Art, in all its forms, is my life!

Contemporary Artist Recommendation

I have come across many contemporary artists over the last 10 years, but the one who has really impressed me the most is an artist from Italy; Roberto (ROY) Ercolino. He is an abstract artist and creates unbelievable artworks. He has an incredible imagination and to me, his works are completely awe inspiring. 





Interesting Story

I painted an abstract waterfall a couple of years ago (without any model). Recently I was doing some research and came across almost an exact (real) version of my painting. I was stunned! The waterfall is in French Guyana and is one of the largest in the world! Spooky!


thameside redWhere do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

I have been trying to discover an individual style that really fits in with my ideology. However, as I am always trying to discover new methods and media, I presume in 10 years, I will still be enjoying the journey rather than the destination.



ADVICE to Artists

Let yourself go! Isolate yourself, put on some music and just experiment with how you feel. Put your attempts up on a communal artistic website and solicit comments from other artists. Then enter a few competitions just to get the experience of qualified curators. 

Rob Heath Artist

Website: Rob Heath Art

Twitter: Rob Heath Twitter


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  1. I particularly like your very expressive Cityscapes, Rob. I like your advice, too. It is important to 'let ourselves go' as artists, to put our all into finding out what it is that we want to say. And yes, we must be able to 'isolate ourselves', to put the work and effort in - art does not appear by magic.

  2. @Chana Helen Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think the journey really is the 'goal'. I personally never want to arrive at the end and get classified as an artist who paints only 'X' or 'Y'... I feel that would kill any further motivation to create and explore new ideas... Regards Rob.

  3. @Chana Helen
    Thanks for your comment. I feel very strongly that my personal goal is the 'Journey' rather than the 'Destination'. I would hate to feel boxed-in and have to create art in only one particular style! ...although I appreciate that many galleries would probably not agree!


Thank-you for your comment!