art sale pricesWe all know it is important to have our artworks priced. Should the prices be placed alongside artworks on art websites? There are definitely good arguments for and against.

The first thing to consider is why you are posting art online. Is it to sell art, or simply to receive encouraging feedback? If it is the latter, then it is important to include easy to find contact information for pricing inquiries.

If you are represented by an art gallery, then please consult your contractual information before selling through your site. Some galleries may not allow it at all, while others might still require a percentage of art sales.


Arguments for Including Art Pricing on Art Websites


  1. Some art buyers are impulse buyers. If they cannot find a price, instead of going through the trouble of contacting you directly, and waiting for a reply, they will probably just visit another art website that does list prices.

  2. Some people may not want to contact about prices, fearing they will be embarrassed if it is out of their price range.


Tips for Art Sales on Artist Websites and Art Prices


If you are hoping to sell art directly through your artist website, there are a few options to consider.

  1. Placing the prices alongside every piece
    There are those who think this commercializes art too much. But, some art buyers do like to see prices beside every single artwork, whether it be a drawing, painting, print, etc. It implies that the art has a certain tangible value, especially if sold artworks are listed as well.

  2. Having a store page that is also your portfolio
    Some artists may even prefer to have two separate pages – one as an art store page, and the other as the portfolio.

  3. A separate page with a chart of art prices
    Some artists have chosen to include a list of art prices that is easily accessible. They keep the price separate from the actual portfolio, but include a link where the art price list may be found.

  4. Take photographs of the packaging process and include them on the website
    This may give art buyers confidence to buy the artwork if they can see that it will be shipped securely and safely.

  5. Guarantee and Returns Policy
    Many people shop with confidence if they have a guarantee that the artwork will arrive in the same condition that it was shipped. Include a returns policy in case the item is damaged during shipment.

  6. Payment Methods
    Decide if you will accept cash, money orders, credit card, Paypal, etc., and always wait for a cleared payment before shipping.

  7. Shipping and Handling, Sales Taxes
    If deciding to add shipping and handling, and sales taxes, state this clearly on your art sales page.


More Things to Consider When Selling Art with Art Sites:


Art Sales Receipts
Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Give the art buyer a receipt, and include a copyright notice on the receipt. Also, keep copies of all your receipts. You never know when you may need them (ie income tax, auditing, etc.)

Keep a list of art buyers
Include the time purchased, name and address of the art buyer, along with email, phone and price.


I am interested in hearing your opinions and experience on this issue.

Do you think it is a good idea to have art sale prices listed at artist websites?

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