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Virginia Wilson
Florida, USA

courageous, enthusiastic, caring 

Silk Paintings:
(from top to bottom)


Red Mountains

Street Scene

Cranes 3






I am a lifelong artist who paints in the fluid medium of dye on silk. I am a nature lover and constantly inspired by the beauty of the world around me and the natural inspiration of my inner world. I have been painting and drawing since a young age and have owned and operated a gallery on the North Shore of Boston for several years. I have also taught silk painting for children and adults as old as 90!


Virginia Wilson – Paintings on Silk – Artist Spotlight


redmountains silk paintingArt Style

I love impressionistic art and have been told I am similar to this style with a  modern slant through the use of brilliant, bold color and diverse subject matter.


Dye on silk, with the addition of gold "gutta" resist which is sometimes painted or drawn on for added "sparkle"

Technique and Process

After the initial inspiration, I draw directly on the silk with gold gutta resist with a french technique called serti. I then allow the fabric to come alive with the application of brilliant color using a mop watercolor brush. This brush holds much fluid and therefore can cover a lot of silk, but also has a fine point for detail. I often let the dye break the gutta line randomly to produce beautiful "accidents".

I believe there is so much beauty in imperfection!


My favorite inspiration is nature, but my spiritual journey has also been the subject of many of my pieces, as well as the inspiration of my inner nature.


street scene silk art

Why do you make art?

To express my inner joy.

How often do you create art?

I am either teaching or creating.


Do you make money with your art?

Yes, teaching and selling artwork.

What is your top two methods of online art promotion?

Web and Etsy

Art Influences

My earliest influence was that of the impressionistic artists, Monet being my favorite. I was also hugely influenced by the color and style of a watercolor artist, Dave Millard, who i studied with on beautiful Cape Ann, Mass., many years ago and who I credit with beginning my career.


cranes3 virginia wilson

Contemporary Artist Recommendation

I would have to say David Millard, a watercolor artist who recently passed away. I have been so inspired by the beauty and freedom of his style. Also his color choices have had a huge impact on my painting.



I have been blessed to have lived in the country, homeschooled my two children, owned and operated my own gallery and have had the fulfillment of inspiring other artists-to-be through my silk painting classes. I also own alpacas and hope to one day live on a farm!

Where do you see your life as an artist 10 years from now?

Painting, teaching and incorporating that into my new life as a farmer!

Advice to struggling artists

Work hard and never give up on your art!

Virginia Wilson

Artist Website: Virginia Silk Art


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