zhibit online art portfolioDo you need a website to display your art? Zhibit.org offers a completely free artist website package.

Zhibit simplifies the creation of an artist website as much as possible. It is perfect for building a first art portfolio, or adding to your online gallery empire.

A little knowledge of computers is required, but other than that, anyone with little web experience should be able to create a full online gallery in under a hour.


Zhibit.org – Easy Artist Websites


Here is a list and description of some of Zhibit’s main features:

  1. zhibit websites for artistsZhibit has a good variety of themes, backgrounds, and fonts to choose from when designing a portfolio gallery.

  2. The text editor is easy and intuitive, and is similar to any blog editor. Links and text formatting may be included without any knowledge of HTML.

  3. No annoying banners or ads are automatically displayed on the portfolio pages.

  4. Artwork may be sold through the site, but Zhibit charges no commission fee.

  5. They use the Addthis service so that art may be easily shared with social networks and bookmarking services.

  6. Space is provided for comments and feedback on individual artworks and art blog posts.

  7. All members receive a free directory listing of their artist website.

  8. Zhibit has a very organized search system in place, whereby artists may be found by category or location.

  9. zhibit internet galleryPaid members may list artwork prices and sell art though Paypal. Others may simply include the art prices in descriptions. 

  10. Regular non-juried art competitions are regularly held. Winners are picked by the voting of Zhibit members.

  11. Blogs are available for members. These are great for providing updates of new events, art shows, current artworks, etc.

  12. Vimeo or Youtube videos may be inserted into pages.

  13. The total storage space for free members is 100MB.  This includes image files, text, videos, widgets, etc. There is plenty of space available to build a full artist website just by utilizing the free version.

  14. Your Zhibit portfolio web address is www.Zhibit.org/Your-Signin-Name


How to Create a Simple Artist Website at Zhibit


  1. Go to Zhibit.org

  2. Click the green Start your free website button

  3. Enter your email, login name, password, and referral code (if you have one), then click Register

  4. Click Begin to continue to setting up your free artist website.

  5. Fill in your name, profile picture, and avatar photo, then click Next.

  6. zhibit artist websitesSelect the categories of your art, and click Next again.

  7. Pick a title, subtitle, description, banner, and art logo.

  8. Upload at least one artwork to begin. Click Next when you are finished.

  9. Enter a photo, and text for your home page.

  10. Fill in the About page.

  11. Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Enter the contact information that you feel comfortable with.

  12. Create a free form page containing HTML widgets, text, video, and images.  This may skip this one for now if you like.

  13. Choose a layout for your art portfolio, and click Next.

  14. Pick a basic color scheme.

  15. Choose to publish your art website right away, or save it for later.

  16. Activate the Zhibit Freedom Plan. This is free and includes 100 MB web space, SEO, Facebook integration, directory listing, RSS syndication, guestbook, and an art blog.


Zhibit does offer a variety of paid packages. If wanting to upgrade, I recommend you have the free site fully created first. Only then should you upgrade and enjoy some of the advanced features. 

You may begin the easy creation of your Zhibit artist website here: Zhibit.org

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