art motivational quotesSo far, 20 artists have been featured in the artist spotlight at Artpromotivate. If you missed the first list of 10 artists, please find it here: 10 Talented Contemporary Artists.

These are listed in the order that they were first interviewed at Artpromotivate.


They all were asked if they had some encouragement for emerging artists. These answers are included under the motivational quotes heading. The artists spotlighted come from various backgrounds, mediums, and styles. They include photographers, painters, digital artists, folk artists, and more.


Motivational Quotes for Emerging Artists from our Artist Spotlight


  1. januarys end two jcordermanNancy Jo Corderman

    Country: U.S.A.

    Style: Abstract

    Medium: Digital Art

    Theme: non-objective

    Character: I love color, texture and good humor. 

    Motivational Quote: “Always create your art no matter what.”

  2. beautyis john neville cohenJohn Neville Cohen

    Country: Spain

    Style: Photographic Manipulation

    Medium: Photography

    Themes: Nature and beautiful women

    Character: "Art Galleries refer to me as a photographer, but photographers refer to me as an Artist!"

    Motivational Quote: “I cannot give advice really, as I have only started relatively recently. But I belief if you have faith in what you create, you must continue, even if you are not getting recognition. Providing you have another way of earning an income.”

  3. Rob Heath

    in the shadow of the towerCountry: Loire, France

    Styles: Surreal/ Figurative/ Abstract Expressionism

    Mediums: Acrylic and oil paint

    Themes: Urban Skylines, Cityscapes,  Twin Towers Paintings, Landscapes

    Character: inquisitive, experimental, progressive 

    Motivation Quote: “Let yourself go! Isolate yourself, put on some music and just experiment with how you feel. Put your attempts up on a communal artistic website and solicit comments from other artists. Then enter a few competitions just to get the experience of qualified curators.”

  4. Virginia Wilson

    cranes3 virginia wilsonCountry: Florida, United States

    Style: Impressionistic Painting

    Medium: Silk Paintings

    Themes: nature, inner nature

    Character: courageous, caring, enthusiastic

    Motivational Quote: “Work hard and never give up on your art!”

  5. flowclose site specific sculptureDavid Parfitt

    Country: England, UK

    Style: public art, monumental sculpture

    Medium: stone, steel, plastics, glass, wood

    Theme: the mass of objects through space

    Character: perplexed enthralled certain

    Motivational Quote: “I would say to an aspiring artist, You are already an artist - it is all there within you right now, you've just got to locate it and understand it, you must commit to that and never be satisfied. To an emerging artist I would say: what exactly are you emerging from?”

  6. surfacingI abstract artKimberlee Rocca


    Style: abstract forms, organic shapes

    Medium: Foil Imaging

    Themes: wholeness and completion

    Character: Resourceful, Out-of-the-Box, Scintillating

    Motivation Quote: “The discipline and business side of art is what sets you apart from the part time artists. I am part time and still make a living because I am persistent to cultivate my career a little each and every day. And connect with people who can help bring you closer to your goals. You may only be one person away from your ultimate success”

  7. mike filippello folk artistMike Filippello

    Country: USA

    Style: American Folk Art

    Medium: painting

    Theme: whimsical little villages

    Character: From the hand and heart of a dreamer.. this is just my beginning.

    Motivational Quote: “I've been told many times to ‘Stay true to who you are’ and I find that the real truth in what an Artist creates. What happens naturally when you create is what you do. I paint landscapes of imaginary places--it's what comes out naturally when I put the brush to the canvas. It's my love and my passion. I can only hope that every aspiring Artist can find the joy in what they do as I have been so fortunate to find.”

  8. medusa hiroko sakaiHiroko Sakai

    Country: Japanese Artist from California, United States

    Style: surreal,representational

    : oil paintings

    : Life

    : A trouble maker

    Motivational Quote
    : “Whatever other people say, you know your art the best. If your art is not accepted, it is just because they are different. I can not explain well in English, but there are as many people as the number of the stars on the sky, so you just need to find people who have the same inspirations as yours.”

  9. totem44 bellflower larry cwikLarry Cwik

    : Pacific Northwest, USA

    Style: mystery, surrealism, beauty

    : Fine Art Photography

    : unusual scenes and juxtapositions 

    : creative, thinking, fun

    Motivational Quote
    : “Keep growing. Keep making art. Be persistent. Do not give up. Stay inspired. Travel if you can. See lots of art. Make friends with other artists. Read about art. Grow as a person. Make your art a priority.”

  10. Scott Hile

    Country: Arizona, USA

    hard candy scott hileStyle: Semi-representational and abstract

    Mediums: acrylic, oil, metal, canvas, wood, plexiglass, glass, etc.

    Theme: incite curiosity

    Character: Christian, Photographer, Artist

    Motivational Quote: “If you enjoy creating, DON'T EVER STOP. If you think your good enough to make it a career, get a second, third, fourth, and fifth opinion before you quit your day job. And if you do, be able to take rejection and harsh criticism, and be able to accept hunger, or don't even bother.”

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