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Contemporary Japanese Artist from San Francisco, California,  U.S.A.



Oil Paintings
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Artist Introduction   

I am an Artist, originally from Japan, and has been living and working in San Francisco.


Artistic Style  

I am a painter. I am not sure what style is my art..... maybe you can tell from my website.
one thing I can say is my art is the 'communication'. I am a Japanese who has problem to communicate in different language here some times. But through my art, I can express what I have inside freely and can connect to people's heart.


dream surreal paintingMedium   

I am an oil painter.

I used to work on my art with various mediums, such as air brush, pastel, tile mosaic, etc... but after all, I ended up captured by oil. I love oil.

I feel that Oil is the basis of paintings.

When I paint in Oil, I feel as though I'm sharing inspirations with old masters. And the slow dry process of Oil gives me plenty of time to communicate with my canvas, giving me time to think as much as I need.



I am a self taught artist, so I do not know if I have any technique to boast to the world*

Humm.... but on the other hand, since I did not learned my art from outside, I can say all my art comes from my inside.

If you have some time, please take a peek at here>

About Hiroko Sakai




The theme of my art is... I think 'Life'. All all what I get through, all what I feel... in my life can be the theme of my art.


Why do you create art?   

Because I live and exist.


How often do you create?    

Except the time I am sleeping, eating, taking bath, etc...??

Oh, but art marketing takes a lot of my time, like this* but still typing my keyboard, new images are going on in my mind.


lovers surreal art



My Art is often compared with Salvador Dali's because of melting clock, but honestly, I have not seen Dali's work so much.... one of my true inspirations is from Frida Kahlo for her naked expression of her emotions in her life, also I like Norman Rockwell's way to express life in humorous and intellectual way. I feel the depth of life from his works while his painting surface are... what you call... easy going?


Do you make a living with your art?     

I am trying....


What is your favourite two methods of art promotion?   

Facebook is one of the main places right now. It is also comfortable for me who sometimes have hard time with the conversation of talking English. Exchanging short English words with my fans, I can show them my messages widely.

Also, I have started becoming more serious to express about my art on my blogHiroko Sakai Blog  I kind of started taking interest in writing which I used not to be a big fan before. The good part of them is I can get direct responses from many different kind of people from all over the world.


medusa hiroko sakaiRecommend a contemporary artist…  

My goal is Royo.


His theme of art is totally different from mine, but I am stuck in his art since I saw his work at my first sight on his book. The light and shadow on his works are overwhelming.


Three words that describe Hiroko Sakai

A trouble maker


Please tell us something interesting in your life   

The biggest thing is that I am a Japanese artist in San Francisco. I myself had never imagined that I would end up to San Francisco as a single mom artist.

It is a long story... To get here, I had got through so many black comedies, such as international marriage, domestic violence, San Francisco Asian Women's shelter life.... I hope you have some time to take a peek at my story. About Hiroko Sakai


Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?   

10 years from now? I even do not know if I am still alive... I am living "today" with my art every days.


silence japan paintingAdvice for Emerging and Upcoming Artists   

Whatever other people say, you know your art the best. If your art is not accepted, it is just because they are different.

I can not explain well in English, but there are as many people as the number of the stars on the sky, so you just need to find people who have the same inspirations as yours.





Hiroko Sakai – Surreal Oil Paintings


Art Website - Hiroko Sakai Fine Art
Twitter – hirokosakai
Facebook – Hiroko Sakai Fine Art on Facebook


This is just one of several videos that Hiroko has
at Youtube of her inspiring artworks. To find more,
please search for Hiroko Sakai in the Youtube search bar.



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