free art supplyQuality art supplies are not cheap. Everything from pencils, sketchbooks, oil paint, stretchers, framing, and a multitude of other art materials all can cost an enormous amount of money. It can be difficult to keep art supplies restocked if not consistently selling.

Today I am going to show you one of the ways I essentially get all my art materials completely free.

I know this seems a little unbelievable, but read on as I explain the details, and show you how to do the same.



By placing a small Blick Art Materials banner at an artist website, artists may earn 10% commissions on art supplies purchased through that link. I have one here at Artpromotivate, right at the bottom of the page (and below). This banner is especially effective because it offers free Blick art supply catalogs, which is relevant to the content of the site. I receive 10% commission for anyone who sends for a free art catalog through this banner, and orders from it within 45 days. The money earned isn’t a lot, but has helped me purchase extra art supplies, as well as assisted in supporting this site!

www.dickblick.comI do not recommend filling an artist website (portfolio) with advertisements. They distract from the art if placed in large quantity. Visitors may be turned off by the focus on the ads and leave. But, there are certain placements that will keep visitors at your site, while encouraging clickthroughs, and earn you extra money to buy art supplies.



Touch People with your Art - Click Here!For art blogs, that would normally be in the sidebar. For artist websites, good placements would be at certain non-portfolio pages, such as Contact, Feedback, Guestbook, Resources, Support, and Links. I have noticed some artists listing several recommended resources at their Resource and Support pages, which are affiliate links where the artist earns a commission from any sales. This is a legitimate way of making money to help offset website and art supply costs, along with providing helpful resources to visiting artists.

If you desire to do the same as I do, and earn a little side money for your online efforts, please follow along as I show you the simple steps to go through. Please understand that there is no guarantee of earning any money at all. But the more daily visitors to your site, the greater your chances will be. Plus, it doesn’t cost a thing to try it, and see if it can work for you.


How to Make Money for Art Materials by Placing the Blick Free Catalog Offer at an Artist Website


  1. shareasale affiliate marketingFirst signup with Shareasale to become an affiliate.

    Businesses invest advertising dollars to have their affiliate programs listed at Shareasale. In return, Shareasale acquire affiliates who promote these companies. Affiliates receive a commission for sales or leads.

    Webmasters have to sign up for each program individually. Acceptance generally depends on the quality of your website, number of website visitors, relevance of the program to your website, etc.

  2. dick blick art materialsSignup for the Blick Affiliate Program

    Hover your cursor over Merchants at the top, and click Search for Merchants. Type Blick Art in the search box, and click Search. Click Enroll in Program and read all the details of the affiliate program. Fill in the box with any extra information about your website and promotions. Now all you have to do is wait for an email stating whether you are accepted, which should arrive anywhere from a few minutes to 3-4 days.

    Once accepted, login to your Shareasale account, and under Links at the top, click Get a Link/Banner. Find Dick Blick Art Materials in the Specify Merchant box, and select it. Then, click the Refresh Report to View Below button.

    www.dickblick.comClick Get Links as displayed in the screen-capture above, then select Banners in the menu. Browse through the banners to choose one that suits your website. You will find the Request a Free Catalog banner on the second page. Click it and copy and paste the HTML code in the first box into the html of your website.

    All of this is very technical. If anyone needs any assistance doing this, please leave a comment below. I will be very happy to help.
These are my affiliate links on this page (for Dick Blick and Shareasale), so I would like to express my heartfelt thanks in advance to anyone who signs up for Shareasale or purchases art supplies through the Dick Blick banner at Artpromotivate.  

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion...never knew they had affiliate site offers!

  2. @Marilyn Lowry
    Your kindly welcome!

    Blick is actually only one of the many art related affiliate programs at Shareasale. If you do a search in the Arts and Entertainment category, there are many more..

  3. i had no idea about posting for Blick art materials!! and your advice about not overcrowding the site with too many ads is good too- Thank You Graham :)

  4. @Donna Campbell Allen
    Thank-you Donna!! I'm very glad these posts have helped you market your art!

    Very impressive portraits at your site! If you want, you may submit your art for our artist spotlight. I would love to feature such a talented portrait artist such as yourself!


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