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Abstract Art and Photography

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Hard Candy

Below Mooney Falls


Red Lips







My career in the fine art field has spanned the past 30 years. I have worked with several well established art publishers for extended periods, Phoenix Art Group for 7 yrs. the most recent was a 22 year experience with Rosenbaum Fine Art, in that 22 years I not only developed and crafted my own diverse style, I also organized, managed and directed a state of the art studio with as many as 12 artists, employees. This studio was able to produce original works of art on paper, canvas, and dimensional works on wood, metal, and fabrics, and in addition the studio was fully equipped for large format digital printing which produced very high quality giclee. And with a unique embellishment technique that I have developed, these giclee prints have the look and feel of their original source.


hard candy scott hileOver the past 30 years I have produced and provided unique, original art for hundreds of well renowned clients and collectors. I have developed many new directions to add to my broad range of diverse styles, one of which is my fine art photography, and the unique combination of large format hi-resolution photography prints with abstract painting elements, to create imagery that is a compliment to any environment. I have now recently severed my ties as an exclusively represented artist to open my own fully equipped studio, "FREE SPIRIT FINE ART". I am now exploring the many avenues of the fine art and fine art photography markets.

I have developed a unique new direction for clients and collectors that want something uniquely theirs by combining clients photographs with my own, then printing on either fine art paper or canvas. This is a perfect technique for creating a one of a kind wedding portrait, family portrait, a company art piece, or just a way to combine a collection of favourite photos into an original work of art.



Mostly abstract or semi representational in my paintings, I backpack all over the southwest into some of the most remote places, only accessible by foot, to capture the wild places, and I also love spending the day shooting images in my studio of abstract images of everything and anything.



I mostly work in acrylic, and other water based mediums, and sometimes oils, on paper, canvas, metal, plexi glass, wood, glass, and anything else that paint sticks to.


below mooney falls scotthileTECHNIQUE   

I just start and hope that at some point it will start to speak to me, and then it just happens,.......or not.



Making the viewer want to explore or think.



My website, and email blasts to all my clients when I create a new body of work.



Rauschenburg, Picasso, Kline, Diebenkorn, Monet, Richter, and many many more.




Recommend a Contemporary Artist

Rauschenburg, I am drawn to his work because he see's objects that don't necessarily relate to a particular subject, and is able to combine and incorporate them cohesively into a work that seems to tell a story, but the story is unique to every viewer. And he is very intuitive in his use of color.


Do you make money as an artist?    

Yes, I have been making my full time living producing original art and photography for 30 years now, not including 5 years of commercial art.


bloomin scott hile abstractWhy do you make art?

Because I can.


How often do you create artworks?

Every day for the last 30 years.


3 Descriptive Words of Scott Hile  

Christian, Artist, Photographer






Please list some interesting events in your life

I spent the night in jail before my wedding day, I did not meet my oldest daughter until she was 25, I don't use drugs........anymore, I hand out sleeping bags to the homeless on Sunday afternoons, I have 10 grandchildren, I have met Peter Max on several occasions...not impressed, I love my wife...still, I go to Guadalajara to help out in an orphanage, and above all I live in the kingdom.


Where do you think you will be as an artist in 10 years?   

Arranging stains, and looking through a viewfinder. Hopefully helping other artists develop, and promote their skills and working to disciple others in their walk.


red lips scott hileDo you have any advice for emerging artists?


If you enjoy creating, DON'T EVER STOP. If you think your good enough to make it a career, get a second, third, fourth, and fifth opinion before you quit your day job.

And if you do, be able to take rejection and harsh criticism, and be able to accept hunger, or don't even bother.





Scott Hile – Abstract Art and Photography

Artist Site: Free Spirit Fine Art


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  1. I checked out Scot's website and loved his work. What a talented artist. His works were an inspiration to me as I am an acrylic/mixed media artist. I will most definitely visit his site again.
    Thank you for sharing this with us. I LOVE your site. It's always filled with so much vital information for me as a start-up internet artist.
    Stephanie Holznecht, Wisconsin

  2. I have a Scott Hile art piece called Eclipse that I purchased 10 years ago from Neman Marcus. I also have one of his 5' tall metal sculptures. How can I find values for these products. Thanks.

  3. Is it okay to post part of this on my website basically post a hyperlink to this webpage? spray paintings


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