art jobs careers 2012An art job involves employment with a company relating to training and skills as an artist. Most artists dream of working for themselves, as a self-sufficient artist. That may happen eventually, but even famous artists have had to work at jobs outside of the art field early in their careers. This is a necessity for most, since money is required for bills, clothing, rent, food, etc… not to mention art supplies.


Today, with the advancement of new technologies, the need for qualified creative people with an artistic background is growing as well. Certain jobs require imaginative, critical thinkers. Employers who are searching for such employees tend to give preference to people with a Fine Arts background.

An art student just entering the art field or finishing art school may be encouraged to know that there are several art related careers that they can apply for. Most require extra skills and training, so set your sights on developing these to land that dream art job.


Types of Art Careers and Jobs using Artistic Skills 2012


  1. Graphic Designer

    graphic designer jobA graphic designing career requires designing skills, creativity, and imagination. Many graphic designers work with magazines, website design companies, advertising industry, television, and newspapers.

    An artistic background is often a big plus when applying for such a job. Employers often require extensive knowledge of designer software and computer graphics as well. This may involve extra courses and training.
  2. Curator

    A curator position generally requires extensive training in art history and a masters degree in Fine Arts. Employers hiring in this field often need to see evidence of volunteer experience in a gallery environment. Museum curators also should have a knowledge of several different languages.

  3. Art Teacher

    art teaching careerIf you cannot make a full income as an artist, why not teach it? An art teacher is a very common art job, even for established artists. Some training in the field of education is often a necessity, but if already holding a Fine Arts degree, you are one step ahead. Also, experience with a wide variety of mediums, and a knowledge of art history may be a requirement.

  4. Art Director

    Art directors work for magazines, book companies, and the advertising industry. They oversee the whole design of a magazine, helping to assign visual elements (photographs and graphics) that work well throughout. For the advertising industry, art directors are the people who handle the creation of an advertisement. They have to guide the entire process of ad creation, working with graphic designers, copyrighters, and illustrators.

    Don’t expect to get a job as an art director right away, unless you have prior work experience. Art directors often start as a graphic designer, and are promoted because of increasing skills and experience.

  5. art critic jobArt Critic for a Publication

    Art Critics do not necessarily have to be artists themselves, but having art experience adds credibility to their critiques. They should have a knowledge of art history, along with keeping up to date with current trends in the art world. Art critics generally work for newspapers, arts magazines, and arts websites. Many also publish books about art criticism.

  6. Illustrator

    Illustrators work for multiple industries, such as magazines, advertising companies, books (especially children’s books), movies, television, and websites. The type of illustrator will determine what skills and qualifications it entails. Generally, to become an illustrator, one must be extremely skilled at drawing objects and people. Many companies also require skills with software such as Freehand, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

  7. Digital Animation and Video Game Design

    video game designThis is a fast growing industry. A video game designer and digital animator should have a variety of skills, including training in computer graphics, computer languages, and animation. They need an extensive knowledge of certain software for video game and animation creation. Digital Animators are needed for movie production, television, commercials, web graphics, etc.

    Many video game companies hire artists with these skills for concept design, backgrounds, textures, and character design. With the extreme detail in newer video games, skilled visual artists are needed more and more.

  8. Tattoo Artist

    I know of many professional artists who are tattoo artists as well. A good tattooist should be naturally creative, with skills in drawing and design. Tattooists also should have some training and certification of medical and safety procedures. Many places require that they work under an apprentice in a real tattoo shop for awhile before even inking a real person.

  9. More Art Related Jobs

    There are a multitude of art jobs not mentioned above that require some artistic skills. Those with training or background in the visual arts are sometimes given preference.

    Some of these are photographer, interior decorator, pottery, fashion design, jewellery designer, landscape designer, architect, stage set designer, special effects design, etc.


The list is much more larger than this, and never even touched on freelancing and licensing, which are big sources of income for many artists. I will be exploring these subjects in future articles.

Before considering an art job, an artist should create a good resume, stating employment in the art field, affiliations with art organizations, and training. Format it like a typical job resume. These days, an online portfolio is a must. The employer can easily go online to see artworks that you have created. Keep it clean, professional looking, easy to navigate, and only show your best artwork.


The point of this article is to show that artists are needed throughout all facets of society. Without creative minds and thinkers onboard, many companies are prone to failure. They know this, which is why they actively seek trained artists for particular employment.

I will be listing some websites to find art jobs soon.

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