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Wade Edwards

Newfoundland, Canada 

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I was born in Vancouver, BC. Working mainly in the construction industry as a heavy equipment operator, truck driver and ironworker. My work experiences also included a stint in the logging industry in BC. My introduction into the world of painting came December of 2009 at the age of 36. I was convinced that there was a hidden talent within me, after my mother in-law gave me her oil paint and a stretched canvas for my birthday in December 2009. I never tried painting before and had no formal training at all. I continue to paint whenever I can, improving my skills. Now living in my mother's home town Lawn, NL, I have been very inspired by the heritage and scenery around me.


flared newfoundland artistSTYLE

Mostly Abstract and Impressionism. When I am painting abstracts is where I am most enjoying what I do.



Oil and Acrylic. I mainly painted with oils but recently discovered acrylic and have been really enjoying it.



I would say a lot of floral



No I can not explain it just comes out. I guess with no formal training. I don't realize what I am doing to create my work.



I was first influenced by Wilson Bickford, Leonardo Da Vinci, Monet and now I am also inspired by artists from Newfoundland such as Ted Stuckless and Dale Ryan.


burin harbour 1890 newfoundlandWhy do you create art?    

I create art because it takes me to a place that is like nothing else I can explain. I guess I am sort of in a trance when I am creating art especially when I am doing abstracts.



Facebook is a good one for me. And I believe Google+ will be my second.


How often do you paint?    

I am creating almost everyday. The fact that have four small children can be very hard to escape to the canvas.


Do you make a living from your art?     

I am not at the moment but I am making a good second income from it. Mostly from commissions and prints I sell.


truxton and pulloxContemporary artist recommendation?     

I really haven't been involved in the art world very long as it has only been two years, so I wouldn't be able to explain or promote an artist without the knowledge of their work. I am overwhelmed by how many great artists their are my head is spinning.


3 Descriptive Words of Wade Edwards

Goofy, odd and inspired..


Interesting Experience   

I guess I went to my first trade show or craft fair last summer in Fortune called The Feller From Fortune Festival and was shocked when I sold almost all of my paintings including one to Judy Foote. I had no idea it was her until she left the booth and my brother say's do you know who that was. Nope I said and he told me. I thought it was awesome at the time.


forever love wade edwardsWhere do you see yourself as an artist in 10 years?   

I see myself as a professional artist with my own Art Gallery. I really enjoy creating art and would love it to be my living.


Do you have any advice for emerging artists?   

I guess I would say that if you really enjoy doing it, don't let anything stop you.


Wade Edwards

Newfoundland Art Junction
Twitter : wadedwards

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