online promote art placesThe internet is filled with wonderful networking opportunities for artists. For artists, networking is not just limited to free online portfolio websites. Artists, and art collectors, are everywhere!

We encourage artists to take advantage of all the free resources online. This can be especially valuable if you have an artist website. Connect at all these places to drive visitors to your art site.

But, while we say this, please realize that the actual site you want to show people must be presentable.  It should showcase your talent, and be easily navigable. All your traffic attempts may be futile if the art site is a mess of flash displays or unrelated content.



I will be speaking more about artist websites soon, especially as it relates to making one that is as visitor-friendly as possible!


Ten Online Places Artists can Promote and Network Art


  1. Facebook
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    The whole world seems to be on Facebook! If you are an artist and you do not have a Facebook page dedicated to your art, you may really be missing out. Facebook is an incredible networking opportunity for artists all around the world, especially when connected to an artist website. We have a few tutorials here concerning Facebook networking and Facebook pages. Browse the Facebook category or search this site if interested in this topic.

  2. Google Plus

    Follow on Google Plus!Google Plus is an Amazing Place for Artists! This is a title of an article we posted at Artpromotivate awhile back. The response was GREAT for this article, especially at Facebook and Google+. We am not going to get into a debate about which is better… Facebook or Google Plus. Both have strong points, and artists will benefit from networking at both.

    If you do decide to start a Google plus profile, taking advantage of the Plus One button (+1) will be an asset. Adding this to your artist website will allow anyone to rate your site, automatically making it appear at their list of +1’s, and viewed on Google Search by their network as well.

  3. Flickr 

    flickrFlickr is a hugely popular photo sharing site. Follow our tutorial and tips to use Flickr to promote art.

    Upload photos, include tags and descriptions, and link to your art website within every single image description to fully take advantage of Flickr traffic.

  4. how to sell art on ebayEbay

    There are many artists achieving art sales through Ebay.  Artists auctioning art there should look at what others are selling. Ask around for tips from others who are having success with If you are an artist who desires to make money selling art through Ebay, research the topic thoroughly, build your sellers reputation, and read the seller policies thoroughly.

    We have received lots of feedback since posing the question Is Selling Art on Ebay Possible?. Most of what sells seems to be smaller sized artworks and prints under $100. On the other hand, those who establish themselves at Ebay have success selling art at higher prices.

  5. Youtube
    youtube art video
    Youtube is one of the most powerful online resources for artists, but one of the most under-utilized. When used in conjunction with an art blog, videos can provide great content for readers, and at the same time drive interested Youtube viewers to see more of your artwork.

    Some ideas for utilizing video are instructional videos, studio tours, slideshows, and more. We actually have tutorials and tips for Youtube art videos at Artpromotivate. Please search this site for more info.

  6. Saatchi Online

    Saatchi Online is an online portfolio, social network, and print on demand service for emerging artists. It is a great site for artists to promote themselves, both from networking with other artists, and selling art prints directly from the site. Their frequently held art contest Showdown provides exposure for artists from around the world.

  7. Linkedin

    linkedin professional artistsSince I joined Linked in a few years ago, I have networked with thousands of artists from around the world. This site is great for receiving professional contacts, as well as freelance opportunities. My favorite part of Linkedin is the groups feature. There are hundreds of art related groups where artists may network, participate in discussions, and learn about new artist opportunities.

    Artpromotivate has its own group at Linkedin. To learn about this group, please visit this post: How to Create Linkedin Artist Groups

  8. Fine Art America

    fine art america artistsFine Art America is much more than a print on demand service! It is an incredible networking opportunity for artists. Artists can participate in art groups and competitions, or create their own. They have many great tools for artists to promote their art prints, completely free.

    To learn much more about Fine Art America, please visit the following post: Fine Art America – Print on Demand

  9. Gmail

    Total Freedom of Web Design!Many artists do not realize the incredible art promotion possibilities of Gmail. Not only can artists include an email signature that links to an art website and other online profiles, but they may include a website in the online friends status box.

    I have seen some artists include small images of artwork at the bottom of their emails as well.

  10. Art Blogs

    artblog writing postsArt blogs are a popular choice for many artists. They are a great place to post new artworks and talk about works in progress. Also, when connected to an artist website, artblogs help to increase awareness of the portfolio.

    Include a conspicuous link to your artist website at the art blog and try to update it often. This is where you normally will receive the most visitors.


These are just a few of the many artist networking opportunities for online art promotion. Please browse this site to find more and subscribe to be instantly notified of others that will be featured here at Artpromotivate!

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  1. Hi Graham,

    I have to disagree with one of your recommendations , Gmail. IMHO although a Gmail account is free, it is much more important to begin developing a professional posture by using a domain specific email address instead. Getting your own domain is "relatively" inexpensive these days (I recommend )Even if you are not ready to fully develop the website, you can replace the default placeholder home page with one of your most captivating images (highly recommended) and then grow from there.


  2. @Peter Cohen

    Peter, I certainly have to agree with you about having a domain, along with a self-hosted website... plus the email... is BETTER and more professional!

    But, not all people can afford a website, have the time to devote to it, or the technical know-how to run it. This is why I mention Gmail, as well as free portfolio sites here at Artpromotivate. They are easy to setup, and artists can get into the whole online experience, without having to worry about programming or knowing how it all works (which does take a long time to learn).

    By the way, I will be posting tutorials on portfolio design and hosting a website for those who choose to go that route. But I will still be talking about free portfolio sites as well.

    Thanks Peter!!

  3. This is an excellent article. And I have to agree that having a domain is so important. It's really all about how we present ourselves. There are lots of great and in fact very cost effective solutions out there which can make it so easy for artists to develop and maintain very professional looking websites too. I personally use zenfolio, and the best part is the ability to use print partners through them or to self-fulfil. I do the latter, and their fees are very competitive. Other options include Photium, PhotoShelter, etc. My website is and I'd very much welcome if you drop by to check it out.


  4. Great list. In Australia we also have This is Art for the artists and photographers

  5. Yes, it is important to have your own domain/email. However, there are companies that regard unsolicited company email as spam and will block or automatically filter to the spam folder any domain that is not pre-approved. Gmail addresses are generally accepted.

    I speak from experience.

    It is acceptable to have a gmail account with your business domain name, link and brief blurb (e.g. tagline) in your signature.

  6. Have you ever written a post on Ebay vs. Etsy?
    We could add Online Competitions to the list.
    Thank you for all the research you do - I look forward to reading your posts. Janet

  7. You might also join the brand new website Create 'n Show on , for added exposure and backlinks for your work.

  8. You can also create a 3d gallery here and they give you tools to promote yourself and sell your work


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