art takes times squareThis summer Artists Wanted, along with Times Square Alliance and Chashama, is sponsoring a huge art competition to be held in New York City. The awards include a public display of art on the giant video billboards of Times Square.


The best part of this art competition is that it is free! There is no signup fee! It takes less than 5 minutes to create an entry for this incredible art competition.

The giant art exhibition will take place on over twelve 23 story high video billboards in Times Square, and be seen by over half a million people. An after party following the art show opening will be hosted by Questlove of Roots. Hundreds of artists will be featured there as well. An Art Takes Times Square book with worldwide distribution will also be published featuring the top selected artists.


How the Art Competition Works

times square new yorkThe artist portfolio has to be collected at least 7 times to be in the public voting system, on the Art Takes Times Square artists page. Get collected 77 times and receive a guaranteed showing at the after-party.

This public voting begins on April 5, 2012.

The winner of the grand prize will be selected from the top 200 most collected artists. 12 runners up will also be selected from these top 200 artists. Artworks from these artists will also appear on the video billboards at Times Square.


Artists Wanted Art Competition Prizes

art contest prizesThe Grand Prize will be $10,000 to spend any way you like and a public art showing in Times Square, as well as publication in the Art Takes Times Square book. The winning artist will also be featured and promoted online.

Artist judges also may win a prize, which is a $2500 dream vacation in New York City and $2500 cash to spend while there.


How to be an Art Takes Times Square Art Competition Judge

times square art judgesAnyone can be an art judge. Judging is partly done by the internet public by collecting other artists. Artists who are collected the most have a better chance of winning the prizes. The final judging will be done by Chashama and Artists Wanted


Judging begins on Thursday, April 5th, 2012… so get your entries in right away!


Art Takes Times Square Deadlines

All creative people 18 years or older are eligible for the art contest, including painters, digital artists, sculptors, photographers, and more.

Entries should be in by Monday, April 31, 2012. Winners will be notified by email, phone, or mail sometime in June, 2012.


Promoting Your Art Takes Times Square Portfolio Entry

The more your portfolio is shared and collected, the better your chance of winning the Artists Wanted grand prize. Share your Artists Wanted portfolio at as many places as possible. Send it to your email contacts, write about it on your art blog, post it at Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, and more.


What Artworks Should You Enter?

My personal advice would be to choose 9 of your BEST artworks for entry. Enter the artwork you want to appear near the top LAST, since the first images uploaded go to the bottom. Also, think about including artworks with a similar theme or style.

Imagine your art on giant billboards. Which of your pieces would look good there, seen by half a million people?


Signup for the Art Takes Times Square Art Competition here.



If you have an Art Takes Times Square entry, feel free to comment below, and leave your portfolio link.

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  1. @Leon Sarantos
    Thanks Leon! Have you collected.. Great collection!

  2. @Alexandra Masson
    Thanks... I just collected you, and Vivienne Gucwa as well...

    I could not find the dates of the exhibition... but the winner of the collectors award will receive a trip to New York. They mention that the dates for this trip is between June 15, 2012 and June 19, 2012. ... but they do not say if this is actually the dates of the exhibition.

  3. This is such a great article, I too was looking for something that explained everything better! Oh my goodness... the thought of my art being on billboards is just too much to handle right now, haha. Anyways, I have two questions:

    1. What is the difference between public judging and being collected (since obviously collecting has already begun)?

    2. Does it say anywhere when the deadline is for us to get all the votes we can? I know "public judging" begins on April 5th but I was hoping to know when it ends.

    I hope that made sense.

    Oh yes, and here is my folio– enjoy!

  4. @Andrea Duarte
    Public judging is the same as collecting, but the artists will appear on the site for voting by the public, which begins on April 5th.

    Public judging ends on April 31, 2012, though that may be extended, along with the deadline. Anyone signing up after that may have to pay a fee.

    Thanks Andrea...

    I just "collected" you!

  5. The APM-verse has done it again! Thanks for clarifying some of the details around this exciting competition, Graham! I entered a few days ago and have garnered around 35 votes so far. I appreciate your advise to get out the word to contacts through social media. That is a great tip and one that I will be following up on. So far, I have shared with my G+ circles and posted my entry on my Art Blog. I'd like to post the direct link here as well if that works for you.

    One thing I find a little difficult is that we, as the participating artists, have no way to know how many 'Collect Me' votes have been cast...too bad you cannot access that data by hovering over the tab with your mouse. I guess it's possible to find out by asking a third party to vote, peek and share...but that's a bit awkward. I have also noted that once a person has assembled their entry, it is struck in stone. There is no editing window after you press 'done'. It is a pretty amazing opportunity though and I imagine it has the potential to be totally life-altering for the winning pool. Good luck to everyone who has entered!

  6. @Michael Gaudet
    I'm been seeing how many times people have been collected.. I just took a peek at yours.. It's 32.. great job Michael.. remember, all you have to get is 77 for a guaranteed showing at the after-party. If you want me to check again sometime, just ask.

    I cannot access my entry. I get an error everytime. I'm not sure what happened, but I couldn't access it since I created an Artists Wanted profile. I tried contacting support but have not heard back...

    Does everyone else get the same error with my page?

  7. @Graham Matthews
    I read that the entry can be changed after creating an Artists Wanted profile, but that seems to create problems, like the error I am getting.

  8. I have no idea how to collect nor get collected. I have received the same error also. Can anyone help me out with this?

  9. @Joyceline Mazerolle
    Sorry Joyceline, I wish I could help... I have the same problem myself. I tried contacting support twice but have not heard back.


  10. Wow! Just collected Janet Hamlin & trying to collect others...can't wait to see the final results!!!

  11. @Jessie PItt
    Thanks Jessie... I can't get it to work either... but at least I can collect other artists... I just collected you!

  12. @Graham MatthewsThanks Graham! I am sorry about your page! good luck with the judges comp then!! :0)

  13. @Anonymous

    Thanks Jessie... I have over 200 collected so far... and you also Kyle!

  14. Thank you so much Graham. Keep writing! And thank you for all the hardwork you're doing to promote and support Art.

  15. @Sherie
    Thanks so much Sherie!! I have you collected!

  16. @Jeff Taylor
    Thanks Jeff.. or is it Michelle?.. anyway you are voted! :)

  17. How can you see how many times your work has been collected?

  18. @Melissa B. Tubbs

    Thank-you Mony and Melissa! Good luck in Art Takes Times Square!

  19. @Anonymous
    Thanks Sandra! I have your Art Take Times Square portfolio entry collected now!

    1. Do you know how I can tell how many "collect me"s I have? And other than the portfolio am I supposed to be registered anywhere else? They're website is not very clear...

  20. @Anonymous
    You can see the number of collected artists at Art Takes New York at the public artists page...

    This is the only place required to be registered for the art competition..

  21. Hello, is there a way to see how many people collected my work? I've already tried to click * when logged in from my facebook account, but it doesn't work.

  22. @Odette Lupu
    ... oh.. that's to see how many you have collected yourself...

    .. to see how many people have you collected, go to your own portfolio entry, and click "collect me"... but log into Facebook first...

  23. @ Graham Matthews
    Thank you, I actually was intrested in the number of people who clicked on my portfolio, how many collected my those ways you explaned I can only see the number of portfolios I collected myself...

  24. @Odette Lupu
    When I go to my own entry, and click "Collect Me", the number usually appears... though sometimes it just redirects me to another page to login...

    I can check to see how many you have by going to your portfolio and clicking "Collect Me" myself (I already collected you previously).. actually I will right now... ... ... 24!

    Thanks Odette!

  25. @giovanna mancuso

    Thanks Giovanna.. I collected yours as well as everyone else's...

  26. @judy mintze
    Hi Judy...

    I had the same problem for about a week. Please contact support at Artists Wanted and let them know about your problem. Give them the link to your site as well.

    Hope you have success getting it fixed. Please let us know if you do.


  27. @Anonymous
    Thanks Frederic! I have your Art Takes Times Square portfolio collected!

  28. @telalu
    To find ot how much you are collected, click "Collect Me" on your own page while logged into Facebook...

    Thanks everyone!! I collected all! ... :)

  29. This is so unfair that somebody pray to wote to you,just the public to say their opinion and who is the best on their minds let to give the price.Things like please wote for me is so poorthat I have no words.If you are not secure in your work just let go out and givebthat real good works be a winers.You all is present yourself like kids.Give me or I will crash something.So naiv you are,Shame on you!

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  31. @China Carnella
    I already say my coment but you must reding itand this I done only for you and nobody else!

  32. @Rhonda Thanks China and Rhonda!! I have you two collected!

  33. Thank you for collecting me. I wish ATTS had made things a little easier ... I couldn't figure out how to tell my friends and family how to "collect" me, nor could anybody else figure it out. I'm grateful for those of you here who were able to collect me!

  34. Hello
    I was selected among the featured artists of week 10...
    What does this mean? I didn't get any message about it myself...


Thank-you for your comment!