artfans support online artistsThe internet is filled with inspirational talent from artists around the world. It is amazing how virtually unknown artists can create an online portfolio, and find encouragement from people at the other end of the earth.


Artists are a one of a kind breed. We love to create, but we also are the best art fans! I know this first hand from all the wonderful and encouraging feedback I have received about my artwork.




Providing support in the online world is quite different from offline. Offline, supporting an artist is generally limited to attending art shows, art fairs, and other events, and purchasing originals or prints. But, in the online world, support means much more. It means befriending the artist, keeping up to date with their progress, and providing encouragement and feedback. This is the epitome of a true art fan.

What follows are some ways of showing support for your artist friends


Ways to Show Your Support for Fellow Online Artists


  1. Becoming Art-Fans on Social Networks

    follow artpromotivate twitterI love to follow artists on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus, and the many other social networks. Some people may think, “Why befriend other artists - they do not often buy art”. This attitude really misses the point of social networking. The more followers an artist has, the greater their reach will be. One of the most effective ways to connect with art collectors is by connecting with other artists.

    Consider this illustrative example. Frank is a little known artist who has recently created a Facebook fanpage. He adds 20 or more artworks to his page and gathers a small following, but has trouble receiving more followers. He decides to visit other successful Facebook art pages to see how they are receiving so many followers. He visits a Facebook page named Joe’s Acrylic’s, and sees that it has over 10,000 likes. Frank goes through Joe’s artwork albums, comments on a few, and decides to share a favorite one with his own Facebook page.

    artpromotivate facebook pageJoe instantly receives a Facebook notification stating Frank commented on and shared his artwork, and visits Frank’s Facebook page, becoming a fan. But he doesn’t stop there. Being captivated by the cover photo at the top, Joe decides to see more by browsing through Frank’s artwork, and feels compelled to share a certain artwork with his own network. One of Joe’s own regular art buyers sees Frank’s art shared at Joe’s Facebook page. He decides to visit Frank’s page, to find out more about this artist that Joe recommends. He is instantly attracted to one of Frank’s artworks, and decides to visit his internet portfolio, and contact him about purchase.

    Touch People with your Art - Click Here!This entire chain of events began when Frank shared Joe’s artwork!

    As you can see from this story, great connections can be made by supporting other artists. This account is hypothetical, but I have heard of artists making art sales through similar circumstances.

    Do you have any similar stories to share?

  2. Promote Online Artists

    Promoting favorite artists on the internet is one of the best ways to show support. For those who think they do not have time to support an artist, how much time does it take to click a Facebook like button, or to Tweet their art page? A true art fan supports favorite artists by informing their own online network about them.

    Besides sharing another artist’s work, another way of promoting artists is by blogging about them. Write critiques or interview them for an article. Believe me, there are many artists who are willing to do an interview. We already have over 50 artists ready to be featured here at Artpromotivate.

  3. purchasing artwork printsPurchasing Artworks or Prints

    Support your favorite artists by buying an occasional artwork. Artwork makes a great gift. Not everyone can afford to support artists in this way. If you cannot, just sending a shout-out at social networks - or blogging about the artist can be the next best contribution. In some ways it may be better, since the artist may receive more recognition from your efforts.

  4. Donate to the Artist

    paypal donate buttonSome artists have Paypal donate buttons at their artist websites and art blogs. These allow for some visitors and art fans to occasionally donate any amount of money to help support the artist. Some people may think that these artists are begging for handouts, but this is certainly not the case!

    Continually creating art requires quite a large monetary investment. The donate buttons are there to provide a way for serious supporters to show their appreciation with a financial gift, thereby helping the artist create more art. If you are financially capable, show your support by donating to your favourite online artists.

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