fun art websites kidsThe internet can be a great source of creativity and inspiration for young artists. Several tools and websites exist that allow children to learn about art, doodle, draw, and paint right from their computer.

I recently searched online for a few for my kids, who are always interested in experimenting with art on their computer (and on paper and coloring books). I know children generally enjoy “hands on” creating, such as finger-painting, but if you have kids, you probably know this can be REALLY messy.


Below I list several website where kids can create digital art of their own. Some of them allow creation of digital paintings in the style of famous artists, such as Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Mondrian. They all are fun to play with, and should keep your kids busy for quite a while.


Creative and FUN Websites and Tools for Kids to Learn How to Paint and Draw on the Internet


  1. Psykopaint Cool!

    Your kids will love this tool… and adults will too! Create a full digital painting online. This includes plenty of filters and tools to play with. Also upload your own photographs and enjoy creating cool digital images from them.

  2. Snowflake Creator
    3d snowflake creator
    Create flash snowflakes by dragging your cursor from the center. Turn them into animations by clicking either the 2D or 3D buttons. There is no way of saving since the animation is flash, but it is still a simple fun tool for kids.

  3. Kerpoof

    Children can create their own animated story boards, drawings, movies, and more. Follow the lesson plans to learn how it all works.

  4. Make Believe Comix

    Kids can create their own comic books and manipulate the character emotions. Lessons are also available under How to Play.

  5. Jackson Pollock Painting Creator

    jackson pollock paintingCreate your very own Jackson Pollock style painting by dragging your mouse cursor. Click to change to a random color. The image cannot be saved, but a screen capture may be taken.

  6. Wiiplayable

    This online sketchpad may be played on the Nintendo Wii if it is connected to the internet. Just go to the same link in your Wii, and use the Wii remote for the controls instead of the mouse. The Wii is not just for video games!

  7. Artpad
    art pad online painter
    This is a simple, easy to use online painting app that kids will love. This tool allows young artists to create your own painting, and save it or email to friends. Also, click Hang in Gallery to see your creation in a simple art gallery setting.

  8. Bonomo Abstract Art Creator Cool!

    Kids can create cool abstract art using amazing filters and visual effects. It’s very easy to create an awesome digital painting with this intuitive tool, then download it for your child’s collection.

  9. mondrimat mondrian paintingsMondrimat
    Little artists may create Mondrian style paintings. Wait for it to load, then click on different places on your screen to intuitively create a Mondrian styled painting. Click more than once on a shape to cycle through colors. Position of the shapes may be adjusted by dragging your cursor. There is no automatic way to save, so you will have to take a screenshot.

  10. Art Express

    This site is designed for kids between grades 1 and 5. Sections include educational art lessons to help children learn how to paint and draw, including exercises on composition, design, color mixing, drawing, and much more.

  11. Picasso Head

    create picasso paintingKids may create a cubism portrait in the art style of Pablo Picasso. Drag and drop facial features, and adjust colors to make a Picasso styled painting.

  12. Pintera – Art Detective

    This site helps young artists become an art detective, and at the same time learn fundamentals of art, such as subject, style, color, composition, and art history.

  13. Ngakids Art Zone

    Create your own Website!Brought to you by the National Gallery of Art, this online art creation tool has lots for kids to explore. Have fun interacting with paintings, and creating. This requires the Adobe Shockwave Player to work. 

  14. Paper Critters

    This is a fun online origami creator for kids. Click on Toy Creator, then start playing with this cool origami tool. When finished click Preview to see your creation in full 3D.



I’m sure your kids will have lots of fun exploring these fun online creative tools… as much as I enjoyed sharing them with my own children.

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