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Pop Art Words and Numbers

I'm passionate about art, dogs, people, psychology, spirituality and science...not necessarily in that order! And, I'm happy to have the opportunity to be here and really think about the answers to your questions. Fun!


MEDIUMS: I use industrial PVC pipe and fitting, vinyl tubing and cord.



My most recent series has been labeled as Pop Art. I would say my style is contemporary, simple and contemplative.



Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas are born out of all that I've seen, work that I both like and reject. Ideas and images arise out of the subconscious..the place where dreams arise. The latest work is the logical sequential outcome of all that came before it.


forever joy hutchins pipesTHEMES

Words and numbers. Words and numbers are symbols that point to how our minds created our reality. I'm looking to create an object we see every day all day and see it differently. See the magic of these symbols that instantly create a visual form or idea and can elicit an emotional response because of their content (shape & form).



First I come up with a word that moves me by what it points to... what meaning I take from it. I then decide what size pipe "looks" right and configure the fittings into word. Part of my process is to keep changing the letters until I get the visual I want. I then glue all the pieces together, fill the seams and paint. Sometimes a piece is repainted several times before I get a color that I like better than my original color choice. I often reconfigure the letters until I get the visual impact I that pleases me.


buzzed joy hutchins

Why do you create art?

I really create art because I'm consumed and fascinated by it. It's my passion.


How often do you create?

Every day.





Over the years my aesthetic became more and more minimalistic so I would say that my main influence was the minimalists like Donald Judd and Richard Serra. There can be a great pull and power in simplicity and it's a challenge to create something simple that will have the power or presence to draw you in.


illusion joy hutchins popart

What is the best artwork you ever created?

The best artwork is that which stands the test of time for me. It's the work that I don't visually tire of and that continues to move and delight me. In such pieces it appears that intuition played a stronger role than "thinking it out."



Do you make a living with your art?

I don't make a living with my art, though sell occasionally. In all the years I've been making art, aside from exhibiting in juried shows, I was not pulled to put effort into marketing it. My recent series has inspired me to be out there and I'm investigating all the possibilities.


dirty joy hutchins popartWhat role does the artist play in society?

Each artist focuses a spotlight on a particular aspect of the manifest world enabling others to see thru that lens. Art, like music, brings our attention out of the thinking mind and into an intuitive and feeling mode. Some might describe this mode as the mode of the soul which is why there's so much reverence around art.


Can you recommend a contemporary artist?   

I actually really like John Beech. He makes industrial looking objects that are loosely painted and look as though they have a function. You may have seen his blankets with industrial wheels. I find his work fresh, spontaneous and interesting and love his use of color.


two joy hutchins popartWhere do you see your art 10 years from now?   

That's a really good question because it enables me to see that I don't really have a definitive vision.

Advice for New and Upcoming Artists  

I could only tell them that they've been blessed with this amazing predilection to play and to try to find their very own individual voice by following their instincts and believing in themselves.


Artworks by Joy Hutchins
(From Top to Bottom)

  1. Us
  2. Forever
  3. Buzzed
  4. Illusion
  5. Dirty
  6. Two

Art Website: Joy Hutchins

Thank-you Joy!

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