rise art art rentalsRise Art is an online portfolio site and social network for emerging artists. They provide many tools to help artists promote artwork online, including selection of artists for art leasing and commission contracts.

Art rentals or leasing are arrangements between an art renter (artist,gallery,etc.) and the art collector, whereby the artwork is leased for a monthly fee.

Rise Art assists in discovering emerging artists. Through the Shortlisting program, certain artists are selected for promotion, art purchasing, and commissions.


Rise Art is free to join for all artists and art collectors. Artists may upload artworks, and build a Rise Art profile, including an artist statement, artist website, and updates for events and exhibitions.


The Rise Art Shortlisting Program

Artists are selected for the Shortlisting program based on the amount of votes they receive. Members are encouraged to share their Rise Art profile through various social media outlets, such as Twitter and  Facebook. The more places the online gallery is promoted, the greater the chance of achieving higher rankings, and eventually chosen for features and promotions.

The Rise Art board of curators pick artists who have a high level of votes, as Select Artists. To increase the chance of selection, emerging artists should have a full portfolio profile, and only include their best artworks. Share the portfolio as much as possible, and interact with the Rise Art community to receive votes from other members. If artwork is shortlisted, Rise Art will notify the artist by email.

Becoming shortlisted carries many benefits for emerging artists. Rise Art will commission artworks, promote existing art, and even buy certain pieces! Rise Art will commission the artist to create limited editions, usually under 50 prints per edition.  Artists receive money from sold artworks and prints. Rise Art pays the artist an amount for commissioned limited editions, plus money from each print sold. Artists receive 60% from the sale of original artwork.

Shortlisted art is released on a weekly basis, and is then made available to collectors for rental and purchase.


The Rise Art Portfolio

  1. rise art online galleryArtworks uploaded have to be approved by Rise Art before inclusion on your portfolio, but they are very open in the type of art they select.

    Paintings, drawings, photography, digital art, sculpture, mixed media, and more, would be considered.
    But, they are not currently accepting video artists, even though they do ask these artists to contact them for consideration.

  2. Ensure your art is the best of the best.
    This site works similar to an art competition, so it may look bad if sending subpar or experimental artworks.

  3. Uploaded art should be either gif, jpg, or png files, having dimensions of at least 605X185px, and not exceed 10MB.

  4. Artists who submit their art to Rise Art will always retain copyright, and can promote the same pieces elsewhere.
    Artworks specifically commissioned by Rise Art by Select Artists will be under a contractual agreement. But, the artist will be notified beforehand of all stipulations of the contract. Artists who are already gallery represented should check their own contractual agreement prior to uploading art to their Rise Art portfolio.


Tips for Setting up a Rise Art Portfolio

  1. Join Rise Art here.

  2. Click the Submit button in the top-right corner.

  3. Choose to signup through Facebook or Google, or by entering an email and password.

  4. rise art social networkingInclude at least 6-10 of your best artworks for your Art Rise portfolio. Attach titles, descriptions, dimensions, medium, subject, and tags for each.

  5. In your profile, upload a profile picture, add an artist website link, and artist statement. Also fill in sections for artistic media, artistic style, favorite artists, favorite media, awards, degrees, events, and exhibitions.

  6. Share your profile with your Twitter and Facebook friends by clicking the appropriate buttons at the top. Also, connect with other artists by following, favoriting, and leaving comments.



Are you involved with art rentals? Do you know of any other site that offers art leasing for artists? Please let us know by commenting below.

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