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Washington, United States

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I live in a little community off the waters of the Puget Sound in Washington State. I am a self taught artist mainly, but have had a little guidance by another artist friend in the past. I share much of my time in creating art with my local community through classes with adults and kids, retreats and fundraising & awareness projects. Art is my passion and I can't imagine a life without it.


lettinggo acrylic canvasSTYLE   

My style right now is somewhat varied and I enjoy doing different things. Right now I'm working on landscapes, whimsical cats paintings and moments I've captured in my travels. My work plays on the edge of realism and abstract. I also do realistic pet portraits. Some of my older work was from more internal imagination.



I like to alternate between mediums as I feel I learn more each time I do. I work with watercolors, acrylics, oils (both traditional and water mixable), and glass.





Daily life experiences, travel, nature, water scenes (I am a sailor) and animals. I like to paint work that has a story for me that I can share with others.



Every painting is a challenge for me. I feel however, that pushes me and I grow tremendously from each piece I create. I just go for it really. I have been working a lot from photos recently, so I know what the subject is, but how it comes out is a mystery. I am working at trying to loosen up and play more with my art.


Why do you create art?   

I create art to keep my sanity. I would die inside if I didn't paint or do some type of creative work. It is how I communicate with the world and how I process my feelings and experiences.


kurashiki southern japanDo you make a living with your art?   

Making a living off my art has not been my focus as of yet. I have managed over the past two years to make some off of my pet commissions, some prints and stained glass work and that helps to compensate for supplies. My focus this year is to paint, paint, paint and work on connections within the art community here. Then we'll see where it goes.



How often do you paint?

I have been painting daily now since September 2011. It's a commitment I made to myself this year and I'm so glad I did it!


Art Promotional Methods   

I am new to this, but so far I am really enjoying blogging my art experiences. I have found that to be an interesting way to connect with other artists online. I enjoy seeing their work as well and it inspires me. I will be looking into promoting and possibly having prints available down the road.


tina marohn waiting

Contemporary Artist Recommendation   

I enjoy the work of one local artist here, Martha Brouwer. Her work is dreamy and since animals are important to me, I love how she incorporates them into her simple paintings. I love her use of color and that all her pieces tell a story as well. MarthaBrouwer.com


Three word description of Tina Marohn   

Creative, Compassionate, Insightful




That is a hard question, as I feel I am influenced daily by all I see. I suppose some of the work that really speaks to me are some of the master impressionists. I love the way they work with light and movement and how the work gives permission to leave out details and play with the vision.


Interesting Life Events   

I've am fortunate to be married to my husband, James, whose family is from Japan. We've traveled there quite a few times. I feel that has influenced some of my work as well. The concepts of simplicity and nature and sacred speak to me and I hope come out through some of my work. I embrace the concept of wabi-sabi and that is helping me to loosen up and let go in my art.


Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?   

Hopefully happy and healthy and still creating. I am trying to focus mainly on the moment and take small steps in my progress.


first snow watercolorAdvice for emerging artists   

Paint or create for yourself every day. If it is hard to that, just show up with that intention and maybe spend that time researching to gain ideas. If you can work every day, it becomes a habit and the more work that is done, the better it gets. Be true to your voice and take small steps for yourself. Otherwise it is easy to become blocked or difficult to move forward.


Tina Marohn


Art Website: Paintings by Tina Marhohn



Thank-you Tina!

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  1. I enjoy your pet portraits, the feel of these are wonderful. Also, this was a good read, with your last note on advice resonating powerfully, jolting me up as though I were asleep. For this, I say thank you.

    Keep on trucking.


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