Artists are great at giving advice for promoting art. I have asked the question “What are your top two methods of online art promotion?” We have received some very interesting answers that may be very helpful to other artists wanting to know where to promote their art on the internet.

What follows is our third set of 10 artist interviews. If you have missed our previous artist spotlight summaries, please visit these pages:

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  1. Heatherbell Barlow

    lake buttermere spring heatherbell barlowDevon, United Kingdom

    Medium: Oil on Canvas

    Themes: landscapes, skies, and seas

    Style: Naturalistic Impressionism

    Art Promotion:
    Linked In has been great. Facebook too. I am trying to get a blog started but finding myself posting mostly on my Facebook page.

    Offline I have fliers and postcards to promote what I do as well as the exhibitions.


  2. Wade Edwards

    flared newfoundland artistNewfoundland, Canada

    Medium: Oil and Acrylic

    Themes: Floral, landscape, abstract

    Style: Abstract and Impressionism 

    Art Promotion: “Facebook is a good one for me. And I believe Google+ will be my second.”


  3. Liana Gor

    golden apple liana gorMedium
    : Oil, acrylic, mixed media, watercolor, computer art

    Themes: landscapes, skies, and seas

    Style: Impressionism, realism 

    Art Promotion: Professional art website, Facebook, Twitter


  4. Sadie Jane

    optimistic puppet acrylic paintingMedium
    : Acrylic and photography

    Themes: Nature, faceless women

    Style: Abstract, expressionist 

    Art Promotion:

    Currently I enjoy promoting my art via my Facebook page and through my blog. I enjoy the convenience of Facebook and it's easily accessible means of self promoting. I really enjoy the chain effect it creates for networking, and with my incredibly tight marketing budget I love that it's free! It also just so happens to be where I discovered Artpromotivate!

    I love using my blog as well. It gives me the opportunity to express myself outside of paintings and connect with others on a more personal level. I am expanding my marketing avenues and recently have had the incredible opportunity to promote in local restaurants. As I evolve and grow as an artist I am curious to see how this answer changes.


  5. Tina Marohn

    kurashiki southern japanMedium
    : Acrylic, Oils, Watercolors, Glass 

    Themes: Nature, water, travel, animals 

    Style: Landscapes, pet portraits 

    Art Promotion:

    I am new to this, but so far I am really enjoying blogging my art experiences.

    I have found that to be an interesting way to connect with other artists online. I enjoy seeing their work as well and it inspires me. I will be looking into promoting and possibly having prints available down the road.


  6. Davie Hunt

    cacti at rochelleMedium
    : Ink, photography, acrylic, oil paint, computer components

    Themes: paint versus technology  

    Style: post conceptual abstract expressionism

    Art Promotion: “Through my new Blogger account which I just started, Facebook and Twitter...”

  7. Iris Scott

    iris scott professional fingerpaintingMedium
    : Oil Fingerpainting on Canvas

    Themes: nature

    Style: Impressionist Fingerpainting 

    Art Promotion:

    ”Releasing 2 minute videos and/or uploading new art to Facebook.”

  8. Joy Hutchins

    illusion joy hutchins popartMedium
    : Vinyl Tubing, cord, pipe fittings 

    Themes: words and numbers 

    Style: Naturalistic Impressionism

    Art Promotion: Art website, social networking

  9. Jacky Murtaugh

    off the reef jacky murtaughMedium
    : Oil and Acrylic paint 

    Themes: trees, nature 

    Style: impressionism, abstract

    Art Promotion:

    I like to promote my work through different social media as well as my website but the most interactive are Facebook and Twitter.

    I have built up quite a fan base now and have made friends with other wonderful artists. It has also lead to being informed of new events and opportunities coming up. I have recently made friends with talented local artist Andrew Quixley which has lead to a joint exhibition being held later this year.

  10. fabric collage lynette williamsLynette Williams

    Medium: Fabric

    Themes: nature, portraits, architectural 

    Style: impressionism, abstract

    Art Promotion:

    My website has garnered a lot of interest in my art. Also, my blog allows me to talk about my art, but also the work of other artists in all media, which I believe is an important component in the conversation.

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  1. After reading these interviews about promoting online, my next question would be "What are the results?". There are brief mentions of meeting other artists, interest in websites, learning of events, etc. However, I wonder how social networking has proven to have an impact on artist's life. What have been the consequences of social networking?

  2. There are so many ways to promote art online; it is one of the best places to do it now. Using Google+ is definitely a way to get the word out there. Pinterest is another way for artists to showcase their work in a visual way. Blogging about the artwork, shows and updates is also an effective way to market yourself.


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