artisanhq video tutorialsFirstly I would like to say thank you to Graham for enabling this facility so freely and allowing artists to pitch their sites to further benefit the art community – So a big thumbs up from me and I’m sure many others who use this wonderful website.


My name is Ian Thomson and I am a keen figurative artist not necessarily specialising in a certain medium as they are all equally fun to use and possess their own unique qualities and traits. If I was to choose one though, I would say pencil and charcoal purely for their rawness and at times rough appearance on the paper. As my passion for art has always been alive and kicking it is until only recently I have had the opportunity to get my website established and now present it to you. is the site where you can watch free art video tutorials handpicked and critiqued by myself to allow the viewer a much more concise feel for what it is they are actually about to watch and what determines it’s key content.


Watch Free Art Video Tutorials at ArtisanHQ


Educationally speaking Artisan HQ is currently the largest archived art video tutorial site on the internet and we think it would be an extremely valuable asset and resource for art teachers and students alike. All tutorials are available to view online completely free with no need to register and are categorised into different subject matters, mediums and abilities which we feel makes it perfect for teachers to identify exactly what resources would fit well into their lesson plans.

Artisan HQ makes a habit of uploading a wide range of different videos on a daily basis and take personal requests from our ‘Shout Out’ feature and via email in order to create an interactive community within the site.

ian thomson artisanhqThere are many improvements that we hope to roll out to the site in the coming weeks, these
include a forum, online shop for members to sell and promote their artwork and a gallery
which would allow visitors to upload their work for critique. We will also be integrating an
individual ‘artist’s link page’ where if you are a registered member (an ‘artisan’) you can post your link to your own personal blog for all our traffic and visitors to see. Guest posts and promoting talent is key as we understand how difficult it can be at times to get yourself noticed.

The site is so diverse in its content that it caters for all age ranges, abilities and topics so why not give us a try remembering that 15% of any money the site makes is donated to art related charities.

Warm Regards,

Ian Thomson and the Artisan HQ Team

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