art licensing agents contractsLicensing art, designs, photographs, and illustrations can be a very lucrative business for artists.

For artists with no experience, getting into the art licensing business can be a long and arduous process.



There is much that should be researched concerning learning everything about the industry, and if it is right for you.

Here are a few points to consider when doing your research.

  1. What types of art is best for art licensing?
  2. What should artists look for in a licensing contract?
  3. Should artists look for an art licensing agent?
  4. How do artists find a good agent?
  5. Is your art suitable to be placed on products?
  6. What is involved in signing a contract with a manufacturer?
  7. What is needed to get started in art licensing?
  8. How do artists find manufacturers to license their art?
  9. What are some good resources for learning about licensed art?

The internet is filled with books and articles for getting into the art licensing business. Below is a list of some of the great resources from Art Licensing Blog, as well as links to helpful articles at other websites.


Resources for Learning about Art Licensing, Contracts, and Finding Agents and Manufacturers


  1. Art Licensing Blog

    This blog by artist and licensing expert Tara Reed contains a wealth of information on how artists can license their art. This blog contains plenty of advice from experts in the field, along with success stories, branding, inspiration, Photoshop tips, marketing, and social networking.

  2. How to Get Started in Art Licensing

    started art licensingThis book will help you decide if art licensing is right for you.

    Tara Reed explains exactly what it takes to get prepared for the business, and finding contracts, agents, and manufacturers. If you are one who would like to see your art on greeting cards, dishes, coasters, and more (like, this book maybe for you.

    It includes sections on how to find manufacturers and what they want, licensing agents, contractual terminology, promotion, branding, and much more. This is a great starter book to learn if art licensing is for you.

  3. How to License Your Art and Protect Your Rights

    This article by Lance J Klass explains how to avoid signing away your rights to manufacturers in licensing contracts. It helps to be informed of what should be in a contract, and what should not.

    When working with any company, never sign away your rights, and always retain copyright.

  4. How to Find An Art Licensing Agent

    art licensing agentAn agent will take care of all the business aspects of finding companies to license your art. They usually require a percentage (usually 40-60%), but having a good agent can possibly skyrocket your income from licensed art.

    This book will help artists understand what agents are looking for in clients. This book offers plenty of advice that will assist artists in finding the right agent and help with preparing your portfolio. The book also includes interviews with various agents and manufacturers in the art licensing industry.

  5. Joan Beiriger’s Blog of Art Licensing

    Joan Beiriger uses this blog to search for art licensing information and opportunities, and share it with her readers. She has a wealth of information here, including a list of 50+ art licensing agencies, finding manufacturers, achieving brand recognition, and reasons why not all art is licensable. Take a look through past articles to learn valuable tips about the business.

  6. How to Find, Interact and Work with Manufacturer's Who License Art

    art licensing manufacturersThis book is for those who would rather not have a licensing agent, and work directly with the manufacturer. Readers will learn how to represent themselves, and find companies that accept licensing from artists.

    It also includes techniques for conversing with companies and building your reputation with them. This book also has plenty of interviews with manufacturers, who give helpful advice on getting started in the industry.

  7. Getting Started in Art Licensing

    Kate Harper gives a lengthy list of how to get started in art licensing. She lists several things to do, including taking a class, reading books, learning Photoshop, creating a large collection of suitable art, learning about copyrights, finding agents and companies, building a website, and much more.

  8. How to Understand Art Licensing Contracts

    art licensing contractsThis valuable book by artist Tara Reed and licensing agent Maria Brophy will help to understand what to look for licensing contracts, and what to avoid.

    It even explains how to create your own contract when the time is right, and has a section with success stories from artists.




Would you like to recommend any other art licensing resources to us? Please post them in the comments section below. 

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