coonect with artpromotivateOver the past six months, Artpromotivate has grown from a small website where I share art promotion tips to something much larger. With 8252 plus followers from combined Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Blogger, and RSS subscribers, APM has grown faster than I would ever have imagined.

I have all of you to thank for the growth of this website, which is why I have decided to dedicate this post to you.


Without readers, there is no purpose in having a blog at all. All of you give me the incentive to continually write at Artpromotivate, something which I enjoy doing very much. At APM, I post portfolio site reviews, Photoshop tutorials, art promotion tips, and much, much more. As you can see from the archive, the article count is up to 181. The majority of these I have spent countless hours and late nights writing. 40 artists have been interviewed in the artist spotlight so far, but there are still lots more to be featured! For those who are wondering when you will be featured, please be patient. I will personally let you know when your spotlight is posted.

Lately, I have been sharing all the tips I can think of to find visitors to your own websites and art blogs. There is still much to share with you here regarding this topic and others, so I will let you all know the various ways you can connect with Artpromotivate - so certain helpful posts will not be missed.

I am always interested in hearing what you have to say. So, if you have anything to share, or any suggestions at all, please leave a comment below this post.


Ways to Stay Connected with Artpromotivate Website Updates


  1. Subscribe via Email

    email subscribeThis is the way many have chosen to stay updated with APM. Simply subscribe here, or by entering your email in the box in the sidebar. When signing up, wait for an email with a confirmation link. Click the link in this email to complete the signup process.

    Your email will never be shared, neither will it be used for anything else. It is easy to unsubscribe at anytime through a link in each email update, though I would certainly feel sad to see you go.

  2. Connect by RSS

    rss subscribeFeed readers are popular online to stay up to date with several blog and news feeds at once. The popular feed readers are My Yahoo, Newsgator, Bloglines, Netvibes, and Google Reader. There are also many others to choose from when choosing this option. Click on the RSS feed coffee cup above, or the Feedburner counter widget in the sidebar to see all the available options. Simply click on the icon for the one you use to add the APM feed to your feed reader.

  3. Bookmark Us

    ctrl d bookmarkClick Ctrl+D on your keyboard to bookmark the website for easy reference, especially if you visit regularly.

    Some choose to set Artpromotivate as their homepage, so that every single time they open up their web browser, they can see the latest site updates.

  4. Artpromotivate Art Promotion Tips Newsletter

    artist newsletterThis newsletter is where I will be sharing exclusive art promotion tips and site updates (weekly once it gets underway). Find the signup form below this post.

    As with email RSS subscriptions, your email will never be shared, neither will this list be used for anything other than its previously stated purpose.

  5. Artpromotivate’s Facebook page

    facebook page iconArtpromotivate’s Facebook page has become a hive of activity with 769+ likes. There, I share new posts soon after they are published, as well as links to previous posts that may have been missed.

    I also post anything helpful and worth sharing around the web at this page, including historical artworks. This is a great place to be, as you never know what you may see! Join us here! 

  6. Artpromotivate on Twitter

    twitter artists icon For those of you who use Twitter, you may stay updated using this method. Each post is personally Tweeted and appears on the APM Twitter page right after publishing.

    Artpromotivate currently has 1172+ Twitter followers. This is our Twitter profile page

  7. Artpromotivate’s Google+ page

    google artist iconFor those of you on Google Plus, you may stay connected by means of this popular social network. APM has a Google Plus page which can be reached through the badge in the sidebar. Currently there are 391+ followers on the Artpromotivate G+ page, and 5445+ people who have me in their circles.

    This is the APM Google plus page.

  8. Art Promotion Tips on Linkedin

    linkedin icon APM has an art group at Linkedin.

    To become a member, and take part in discussions, along with staying updated with new Artpromotivate posts, please join us here: APM on Linkedin

  9. Social Bookmarking

    addthis social iconsThere are many other ways you may connect with us regularly. If you use Digg, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, or various other social bookmarking websites, you can add posts there for later viewing. You will notice on each post page there are various social bookmarking icons above and below each post. There is also an Addthis sharing icon there.

    Hover your cursor over this to be presented with various options for bookmarking this site. Click the More button in this menu to open a new page with hundreds of more places to post your bookmark.

I hope you enjoyed this summary of the main ways people connect with Artpromotivate.


How do you stay in touch with APM updates? Your feedback means a lot to me and will help improve everything APM has to offer for artists.

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  1. Hi Graham, Keep up the good work!
    Have you done a review of the different software programs for helping artists catalogue and classify/track their work? I am thinking along the lines of: vBook, e-artist, working artist, G.Y.S.T. etc... I have seen about 10 of these on the market and have 'demo'd' about 6. It could be useful to many artists who are either thinking of going professional or just need to keep track of what they have done in an organised way. Most are geared mainly to the US market but some are more European friendly! Regards, Rob.

  2. @RobHeath
    Thanks Rob.. Great suggestion! I will certainly have to put that on my agenda..


Thank-you for your comment!