We just reached 50 featured artists for the artist spotlight. I am thinking of some ways I can organize these so that they can be easily found. One thing I already have underway is a contents page just for the interviews. If you have any other ideas please let me know.

For this list of 10 exciting artists, I have asked each of them the question: “Why do you create art?” Although worded different, most of the answers are the same. Artists are not happy without creating art. It is an integral part of our lives, and we need it to function.

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  1. adventure abstract expressionismShukla Chowdhury

    India, Asia

    Mediums: Acrylic and oil on canvas, watercolor, sculpture and installations

    Themes: nature, landscapes, figurative, still lifes

    Style: Abstract Expressionism

    Why do you make art?

    The real world is a macrocosm of rigidity, staleness and toughness . However, there is a hidden layer to reality. I try, through my art, to explore and discover this hidden layer. Painting allows me to narrate my experiences the way I would like them to be, without any inhibitions, or limitations. There is fluidity, freshness and delicateness in the surreal world, and this is the world I reach out to through my work. I am joined in this quest by my co-artists, friends and well-wishers, who continuously encourage and motivate me to move further into fantasy, because it also transports them into a dream-like trance!

  2. before the music diedShana Rowe

    Maine, United States

    Mediums: Acrylic, oil,  and watercolor painting 

    Themes: nature, wildlife, etc. 

    Style: Realism – Impressionism

    Why do you create art?

    I have to. I was born to be an artist. I wouldn't be myself if I was not creating. I think my well being would be a lot different if I didn't have my art!!

  3. Reina Cottier

    soleil reina cottier paintingAuckland, New Zealand

    Mediums: Acrylic on canvas and board 

    Themes: Movement, love, life, balance, cosmos, light, energy, nature, etc. 

    Style: Abstract, flowing shapes 

    Why do you make art?

    Fulfills an inner need, desire to express in a way that is aesthetically beautiful to me, and evokes an uplifting feeling. For me its all about the connection within and with others. I paint for me. It feels good.


  4. Duncan Long

    raven duncanlong book illustratorMidwest, USA

    Mediums: Digital art 

    Themes: Varied, according to a client’s wishes. 

    Style: Realism, hyper-realism… sometimes abstract and surreal  

    Why do you create art?

    It is an addiction, pure and simple. The plus is that the people pay me to stay addicted and most of society sees it as a positive virtue rather than the vice it is.


  5. Jason Gluskin

    gluskin jason jazz trioBrooklyn, New York City, USA

    Mediums: Acrylic and oil, pencil and charcoal. 

    Themes: Music, the city, and its people. 

    Style: Musical, energetic, whimsical 

    Why do you make art?

    There is no "why". It just is who am I and what I do. It is like saying why do you eat or breathe... this is the thing I have been blessed with. We all have strengths...
    ... and I can't play basketball that well, so that's out!


  6. Teresa Young

    sunrise of symbologyNova Scotia, Canada

    Mediums: Acrylic paintings, pen & ink and pencil drawings.

    Themes: Dreams and emotions 

    Style: Abstract Expressionism – Surreal 

    Why do you create art?

    I think it's like breathing for me. I've drawn and painted all my life, and basically, I started painting full blown oil paintings when I was eight years old. I did portraits in my teens and sold these in malls around where I lived. But I burnt out on realism pretty young, and now I think I'm more into abstraction as a way of expressing who I am.


  7. Sylvia Fuller

    sylvia fuller paintingCalifornia, USA

    Mediums: Acrylic, oil on canvas, watercolor, etc.

    Themes: Personal development and change. 

    Style: Abstract Expressionism, impressionism, etc. 

    Why do you make art?

    Have you ever read an amazing novel? Why would a person stop at one novel when so many are written. Why make something and then stop? I cannot imagine putting my paint brushes or potter's wheel in storage. Creating is a function that represents a huge part of me.


  8. Paul Buford

    vito motorcycle paul bufordMediums: Watercolor, oil, acrylic, ceramics, etc. 

    Themes: Forgotten, weathered things, classic and vintage vehicles, etc. 

    Style: Realism, Hyper-Realism 

    Why do you create art?

    I have always been attracted to old dilapidated cars or buildings. The funny thing is I could never answer why I am attracted to them...well, that changed once I started painting.

    It is because of the history, the unknown personal private history, behind the subjects and scenes. Who fell in love here? Whose heart was broken here? What life changing events happened at this place in an individuals life? These are the imaginary scenarios that drive me.


  9. Jacqui Hawk

    abstract scottish landscapeMediums: Mixed media, found objects, oil, acrylic, glass, wax, etc. 

    Themes: Collections based on differing themes – childhood, life experience, Scottish Heritage, etc. 

    Style: Abstract Expressionism

    Why do you make art?

    I can never imagine a day when I cannot pick up a paint brush and connect with art - it is my Anam Cara (Gaelic for "Soul Friend").... Art has saved me in many respects...it allows me to process and share my internal world.


  10. Samar Asamoah

    pink lilies on greenNewcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

    Mediums: Glass engraving, lino cuts, oil paint. 

    Themes: Color, texture, and pattern. 

    Style: Mixture of African Tribal Art, Arabic, and textile art. 

    Why do you create art?

    I create art because I am an artist in my being and I do think it helps to keep me sane, it helps me think. I believe its a healthy obsession for me, and teaches me to solve problems, to be free thinking and conscious.


Now it is your turn to answer the question: Why do you create art?

Please leave your answers below.

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  1. I create art because I have to. It is like breathing for me. I find that it is such a joyful experience for me that when I am going through some of life's troublesome times, I cannot paint. My joy is when I paint. When upset, the creative juices just go into hibernation. When in a good way, I can't be stopped. And the paintings reflect that fact. Do others feel the same? I am told that most people paint and then their mood lifts. Mine is the opposite.

  2. I hear you! (above), and yes, much the same here too. It is utterly joyful to paint, sometimes I spontaneously burst out laughing in the middle of some new creation. Being unwell, in body or emtionally certainly puts a dampener on things! :) Regards, Reina.

  3. I create art to communicate. My art is like my diary. Everything I want to say, I say with color.


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