artists plans for futureIt’s that time again – time to review 10 modern day artists who have been featured in our artist spotlight. These were part of our 10 Artists in 10 Days series at Artpromotivate. This was an exciting time, both for us and for the artists. We got to see some amazing talent posted here. For some of the artists, this was their first time being featured anywhere.


I hope you feel proud of your accomplishment, and this gives you that extra motivation to apply for other spotlights and art competitions.

I find that artists are mainly positive people. Most of us struggle with promoting and getting our art out there, but deep down inside we know that creating is what we love doing. It is not making money from our art which motivates us (even though that would be good), but the will to express ourselves through our mediums.

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In reviewing these ten artists, I will include a statement from each of them in answer to the question “Where do see yourself as an artist in 10 years?” You will see that the answers are diverse, but they all have one thing in common. The artists see themselves still creating, and becoming a better artist.


Ten Featured Modern Day Artists and Their Outlook for the Future


  1. Heidi Keyes

    Denver, Colorado

    wakingup mountains colorado heidikeyesMedium: acrylic, recycled materials, spray paints

    Themes: architecture, people, open spaces

    Style: semi-abstracted painting

    Plans for the Future :

    My main goal for myself is to be able to support myself exclusively on making art, and I’m so close to attaining that goal I can taste it. 

    In 10 years, I’ll be older and wiser, still creating and still traveling as much as possible. The only thing that is certain is that I’ll have evolved as a person and as an artist. Other than that, I can’t really say. Life is a surprise.

  2. Tracey Snyman

    South Africa 

    acacia-pied barbet-birdMediums: Watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, graphite, pastels, colored pencil 

    Themes: Sletches and paintings of wildlife and horses

    Style: Representational and realism paintings 

    Advice for Artists:
    Never give up, and don't be afraid to go out on a limb and take a chance. Speak to as many people as you can, and never for one second worry that they won't take you seriously. Even if they don't, there's always someone out there who will!

  3. Tina Marie

    divine flairs3 tina marieUnited States 

    Medium: Photography

    Themes: Flowers and nature 

    Style: macro floral photography

    Plans for Future:

    Traveling the world, speaking, inspiring others, collecting royalty checks, living comfortably and stress free....painting and trying other forms of art.

  4. Sarah Shaw

    Brighton, UK 

    monolith2 sarah shaw paintingMedium: Oil on Canvas 

    Themes: Memory, nature of the mind, time 

    Style: symbolism, sublime, epic 

    Future Outlook:

    I see myself having had many successful solo shows, selling art and making a living from my work. My tutor at art college used to say that I’d make a lot of money when I decided what I wanted to future vision is a me that still explores, still is imaginative but has reached a point where the world of money making and freedom of my creativity have reached a pleasant and successful cohabiting place!

  5. Bob Hughes

    bob hughes venice paintingUnited Kingdom 

    Medium: pastel, pencil, watercolor, acrylics, oil paint, digital imaging

    Themes: portraiture, still life, landscapes 

    Style: Realism

    Plans for the Future:

    I paint more now that at any time in my life…as you get older you feel that you have to leave something behind to say "I was here". But I do look back and think "what have you been doing with your life?

  6. Sea Dean

    sea dean daisy chainMedium: Acrylics and water soluble oil paint 

    Themes: Nature, floral, seascape and landscape. 

    Style: Heavy impasto, and subtle realism. 

    Outlook for the Future:

    I see myself surrounded by art. My large and comfortable home and studio an ever changing world of art, people, and events.

  7. Tanielle Childers

    kissed by the sunColorado, United States 

    Medium: Acrylics

    Themes: abstracts, dreamscapes, flowers 

    Style: representational and non-representational 

    Future Plans:

    I see myself doing solo exhibits, painting small and large scale pieces in my very own art studio, teaching classes, making a living with my art and hopefully inspiring other emerging artists along the way.

  8. David Galchutt

    fromthegarden david galchuttCalifornia, United States 

    Medium: Watercolor, Oils 

    Themes: Landscapes, still lifes, abstractions 

    Style: Colorful, stylized, design 

    Plans for Future:

    Hopefully I will improve. I'd like to start to work a bit bigger (I tend to paint rather small... for time's sake and so the art can fit on my scanner bed). It would be a dream to be able to support myself solely by painting what I want to paint. I think this is a dream of most artists.

  9. Monika Mori / Moo

    roses for cy 3Austria

    Medium: Acrylics, watercolor, pastel, oil paint 

    Themes: Circles

    Style: abstract expressionism 

    Future Outlook:

    In 2022 my work is very well known in the art scene and I will support young artists to find their path in life and art. In my opinion it is a must to help and guide the younger generations if they like and need it

  10. Lisa Aerts

    life is beautiful lisa aertsSt. Petersburg, Florida, USA

    Medium: Oils, pencil, pastels, ink, watercolor, acrylic. 

    Themes: Landscapes, seascapes, paintings of wildlife and fish 

    Style: Realism and representational 

    Plans for the Future:

    Painting, painting and probably needing a chair.


That concludes this list of 10 modern day artists and what they all look forward to for the future.

What about you? What is your outlook for the future? Where do you see your art going 10 years from now?

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