artist management tracking softwareSeveral software programs exist for management of artist contact lists and tracking artworks. These help artists to catalog their artworks in an organized manner, thus saving lots of time. These are useful for art galleries to keep track of all the business and organizational aspects associated with running an art gallery. They may also be helpful for artists with a large inventory of artworks.



This will make it very easy to organize everything associated with an art business. If you are an emerging artist just starting out in your art career, one of these software may help you to stay organized, and track every single artwork that you create.

Most of them have certain things in common, such as management of artworks, including titles, medium, dimensions, artwork pricing, and more. Many of these tracking software offer a free trial. To find one that works for you, try them out first. There are many artist management software available. I’m sure you will find one that perfectly suits your purpose.

Below, I will list a few of the art tracking and list management tools available for artists, along with some of the main features. To view a full list of features, along with specific information about each one, visit the website.

Art Management, Contact List Management and Tracking Software for Artists


  1. Flick!

    flick art tracking softwareClient tracking - Track their purchases and manage mailings.

    All artworks can be priced, including the gallery commission.

    Keep track of all exhibitions.

    Inventory and sales reports.

    Has a sales reporting feature for tracking sales.

    Artworks can be categorized into albums.

    Fields to track include medium, dimensions, category, edition, date, title and more.

    Includes extra customizable fields.

    Click the link above to see plenty more features.

    Flick has 3 versions, Flick for artists ($29.95), Smart for collectors ($49.95), and Tessera for art galleries.

    Download and try Flick out for free, and purchase the license anytime for full features.

    Available for PC and MAC.

  2. GYST – Get Your Sh*t Together

    gyst art tracking softwareGYST has a wide variety of items to track, including artworks, costs of artwork construction to calculate pricing, biography, limited editions, exhibitions, contacts, proposals, grants, planning, artist resume, and more.

    GYST includes a large section with helpful resources for artists, including web links with more helpful information.

    Gyst has to versions, pro ($129) and basic ($59).

    Try it free for 30 days.

    GYST is available for both the PC and MAC.

  3. Working Artist

    working artist business toolWorking Artist has a wide variety of features, but the layout is more complicated than the rest.

    Tracks editions, artwork, provenance, images, consignments, art shows, collectors, registries, patrons, projects, and more.

    Ability to create mailing lists and artist statements/biography/resume.

    Can create labels for shows, address labels, and slide labels. 

    Use Working Artist to create statements, invoices and payment plans.

    View the many other features of Working Artist at the above link.

    Available for PC, though it can run on MAC with Parallels Desktop for MAC

    Price: $119

  4. Artworkspro

    artorkspro management softwareCataloguing of any genre of artwork, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, etc.

    Images can be included for individual artworks.

    Able to record complete contact information for all your contacts.

    Tracks where artworks currently are, and when they are due to be returned (for loans and exhibitions)

    Artworkspro includes the ability to create a slideshow.

    Sales details can be included, along with taxes and commissions.

    Compatible with PC and MAC.

    Could not find a price.

  5. vBook

    vbook european artist managementEuropean - Available for English, Italian, and French languages.

    Tracking features include prices, dimensions of artworks, consignments, etc.

    Also allows batch uploading of images, printing of catalogues and certificates of authenticity, ability to send images by email, and more.

    Management of press articles.

    Contacts management features include mail archiving, sending and printing letters, printing labels, etc.

    Invoice generation, royalties, fees notes, and accounting management. 

    vBook includes ability to create price lists and print them.

    Available for MAC and PC.

    Price: 129 Euros

  6. Masterpiece Manager

    masterpiece manager softwareThis software is specifically designed for art galleries, crafts, and antique stores.

    Tracking of sales, contacts, and artworks.

    Offers point of sale.

    Receive a free portfolio on

    The software can be used to upload to a website.

    Credit card processing is included.

    For a full list of features, please visit the website.

    Pricing: Software only $1900, Software + website: $1500 plus fees for the site 

  7. ArtSystems Studio

    artsystems studio softwareContains all the features an artist or gallery would need.

    Manage artworks, images, contacts, editions, transactions, exhibitions, transactions, accounting, resumes, and much more.

    An artists website can be generated from the database of artworks. This will save money on having to hire a website designer.

    Available for PC and MAC.

    Cost: $795 (one time fee)

  8. eArtist

    eartist contact management softwareThis contact and art management software is specifically designed with Fine Artists in mind.

    eArtist allows management of email lists, list importing, targeting, mail label creation, and more.

    Handles receipts and invoices for artwork sales.

    Tracks where artwork has been exhibited, and costs from the artwork and exhibitions.

    eArtist has may more features, which can be previewed at the above link.

    For both the PC and MAC.

    Create your own Website!Can try it free for 30 days.

    Cost: $125


Several other art tracking software exist, including ArtTracker, Art Licensing Manager, Art Stacks, and more.

Have you used artist management software to track your artworks and contact lists?

What is your experience with them?

In your opinion, which one do you think is the best?

Are there other software not mentioned that you would like to recommend?

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  1. Thank you! I'm working hard to get organized, and keeping track of artwork/sales/editions using flat spread sheets. It's not ideal, but it's been working, so I hadn't yet done this research. I had no idea there were software solutions within my budget that will work for my purposes. You have saved me a lot of work. I love your blog, and always look forward to the email newsletters I receive from you.

  2. You may want to delete "Flick" from the list. I don't need many features (mostly inventory tracking), and it is the least expensive. Webroot found it to have a virus (Sorry I forgot to copy the name while the alert was up), so it was removed automatically and I got to rescan my computer. No real harm done for me, but others might not be so lucky.

  3. When I went to the ArtworksPro site I discovered a note stating "The ArtWorks application is now in retirement." This is probably why you could not find a price.

  4. The pricing for Masterpiece Solutions above is for the downloadable version. Version 10 is the cloud based version and has no setup fee for artists and $1000 setup fee for galleries + monthly fee.

  5. The pricing for Masterpiece Solutions above is for the downloadable version. Version 10 is the cloud based version and has no setup fee for artists and $1000 setup fee for galleries + monthly fee.

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  8. The information here is very old. Check out ARTSPRING.CO It's a great cloud based Art Inventory System.

    It also allows you to publish an Artist Website and has inbuilt marketing / business management tools. Worth a try!!

  9. Any experience with Artwork Archive? I've been trying it out on the free 30-day trial and it seems good - monthly cost though (3 levels for artists; 3 for galleries), not expensive for artists, but is it a good idea to start something where one just keeps paying? It seems to me to be easy to use and pretty powerful, but the others mentioned all seem to be similar. Any advice? Thanks!

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