I’d Rather be in the StudioI have been featuring Alyson B. Stanfield’s art marketing book I’d Rather be in the Studio for awhile now, and I decided to share with you a little of what the book is about, and why I am recommending it.

But first, a little background on the author. Alyson B. Stanfield is an artist, writer, art consultant, art historian, and blogger. At her hugely popular art blog Artbizblog.com, she shares her own advice on how artists can market themselves both online and offline.

Alyson also holds online classes and workshops for those artists who want to take their art career to the next level.

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I’d Rather be in the Studio – Why I Recommend this Book

Practical information that artists can use… NOW!

This book is very in depth, covering ample advice on selling art, art marketing, and advancing your art career. I share plenty of advice here at Artpromotivate on these topics for free , but this book has plenty more in depth information, as well as being much better organized – which is a big plus! I always try to share practical resources that artists can use. This book has an ample supply of tips artists can start applying right away, including these helpful topics:

  1. Ideas for writing about art
  2. Tips for avoiding procrastinating
  3. Advice for working with the media
  4. Creating an effective artist statement
  5. Using social media – Facebook and Twitter – to promote art
  6. Stories from successful artists, and how they sell art.
  7. Tips for art blogging
  8. Awesome tips for creating a better artist website.
  9. How to develop an artist’s leadership and speech skills.
  10. Tips for building an email list
  11. …and much more!

Very detailed and thorough tips on each topic

Each section is discussed in great detail, and contains many tips and action steps that artists can take. There is space for artists to enter their own details, and even worksheets and questions to answer. For artists who follow along with these, they will glean some good knowledge from the book.

Great bonuses that exceed the value of the book!

Artists who purchase the paperback copy of the book I’d Rather be in the Studio online receive 3 bonuses.

  1. They can download the PDF version of the book right away. You do not have to wait to start reading, but start learning the valuable advice right now.
  2. Artists receive a free one month membership in Artist Conspiracy. This normally costs $27, but is free for one full month for those artists who purchase the book online.
  3. Alyson B. Stanfield personally signs every single book she sends out!

Many great reviews and has helped many artists!

The book has already gotten many positive reviews from artists who have read it.

Here are a couple of the reviews from the I’d Rather be in the Studio page:


I purchased 3 different books at once for the purpose of building my business . . . and yours was unexpectedly truly the best for me even though I have moved away from gallery/ fine art venues toward small boutique and direct online sales. I was feeling overwhelmed and stuck about where to move next. I found your advice on building networks, mailing lists and marketing channels far smarter than the others.
Joanne Gilbert

I just bought I'd Rather Be In The Studio and it's fantastic. Best art business book I've read yet (and I've read countless). You really get into the nitty gritty, and I love that you don't let us keep on making excuses! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Keep being wonderful.
Sarah Marie Lacey


I’d Rather be in the Studio is a great value!

art marketing bookMost art marketing books of this nature which I have seen have much higher prices. Seriously, Alyson could easily be selling this book for a much higher price just for all the valuable information she shares. But, its only $25! With the incredible bonuses, and 282 pages of art marketing advice, I’d Rather be in the Studio is honestly a worthy investment!

How to Buy the Book

Order the book by clicking the red “I want this” button on the bottom of the page. I recommend the paperback version, as it’s only $1 more than the PDF, and the PDF version comes with it anyway.

Have any of you read I’d Rather be in the Studio? If you read the book, please come back to this page and share with us your own impressions, and how it has helped you.

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  1. I've just ordered Alyson's book and began reading the pdf version. I was inspired to learn more and am taking her Get Organized class which starts tomorrow! I can't wait to find out more about how to take my art to a new level business-wise! Time to stop making excuses and start making changes for the better!
    Thanks for reinforcing my decision with your supportive comments about Alyson Stanfield.

  2. @dorothy byers lorenze
    Your welcome! I think she is doing an awesome job at Artbizblog, and I've been enjoying her writings very much... I don't often like steering people away from this blog.. :), but if if it someone who has helped as many artists as Alyson, and has been so helpful for the art community, I don't mind that at all... Best of luck with the book and class!


Thank-you for your comment!