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Boston, USA

Coax the Invisible Out and Make it Visible

Intuitive, Compassionate, Imaginative

Hi, my name is Jacqui Hawk and I'm a mixed media artist from Dunstable (near Boston, USA)originally from Edinburgh, Scotland.

If there was an award for "Dreaming" in school my shelf would have been full of awards! I learned very early on that I was a dreamer and lived 'in my head' for a large part of my day.



Lunar Mystery ©Jacqui Hawk






I am an intuitive and spontaneous artist and like to express on my canvas what is going on emotionally within me or in my world.



I am totally head over heels in love with mixed media and texture and try to convey my world with mediums such as oil and acrylic paints, gesso, glass, wax, and numerous other found objects from everyday life.


aquatic journey jacqui hawkPROCESS   

My art is very spontaneous and it tends to unravel in front of me without any kind of premeditation. I tend to be very intuitive and it's almost as if my subconscious has already worked out the Master Plan!





Aquatic Journey         ©Jacqui Hawk




I love to work in collections !! In fact, I see my life as a "series of collections".

My first collection was "Childhood Illusions" numerous paintings dedicated to the innocence of childhood - the Dreamer child :)

Another collection I started last Summer is "Holding on and Letting Go"... a beautiful series of works dedicated to the time in my life when I became an empty nester, a grandmother (a young one!;) , a time when I held on to love, memories, principles, and let go of 'outcomes'... i used the ebb and flow of the ocean as a theme to symbolize this time in my life.

My latest collection is "A Scottish Affair". In November of 2011, I was a contributing artist to the Trees for Life world exhibit in Edinburgh. I attended the event and returned to my birthplace and was reunited with my father who I had not seen for 40 years. This collection brings my past into my future and through my art I can honor my heritage and my ancestors.


abstract scottish landscapeWhere do your ideas come from?   

My art is full of stories from my own personal life. I paint my feelings, my thoughts, my stories and stories about other people who inspire me.


Scottish Landscape     ©Jacqui Hawk


Why create art?

I can never imagine a day when I cannot pick up a paint brush and connect with art - it is my Anam Cara (Gaelic for "Soul Friend").... Art has saved me in many allows me to process and share my internal world.


Do you create often?    

I create every morning for a half hour... then when I return home from my day job as a Corporate Project Manager at a local University, I paint for a couple of hours at least 5 days a week, and more on weekends.


What is your best painting?   

I think my best pieces are those where I have shared complete honesty, told a story through art that is very important to me... for example going through a divorce was very painful, some of my best pieces were borne out of my honesty surrounding this painful time in my life.


boulevarde jacqui hawkWhat is the role of the artist in society?   

The artist can coax out the invisible and make it visible :)





Boulevarde ©Jacqui Hawk




Do you make a living from your artworks?    

I'm not quite there yet, and will keep my day job for a few more years ;) I have sold well at solo shows, through Facebook, and many of the commissions I have done have led to further sales.


Art Promotion   

I promote heavily with Facebook and Twitter... I also send out a newsletter email to all my friends and customers monthly and include interesting articles from my art blog.



Vincent Van Gogh influenced a lot of my earlier pieces


reclaiming soul jacqui hawkCan you recommend a modern artist and let us know a little about their art?   

My friend Marilene Sawaf!

I saw Marilene's art in a local gallery 10 years ago and fell in love with her style! Her ladies evoke a sense of mystery and storytelling that I just love! We became great friends and she has been a wonderful friend and mentor to me.



Reclaiming Soul ©Jacqui Hawk






Please tell us something interesting in your life.     

I love to paint pieces for fundraisers; last year I painted a piece for a little boy in Atlanta who has Neurofibromatosis and in his painting I wrote the words to 'Walk the Line' by Johnny Cash; that same week I’m presented another painting to a little boy in Tyngsboro MA who needs a heart transplant... imagine my surprise when I walked in to hear the DJ saying "join us on the dance floor for Joey's favorite song "Walk the Line"... the Universe works in such a beautiful way :) I later learned that this song was the song both little boys listened to in hospital - just love how karma works !! :)


Did you ever feel like giving up art?   

Yes, I have had times in the past when I felt it wasn't worth it... but I realized THOSE are the times you need to push forward even more! Successful artists are the ones who have suffered true adversity and struggles.


scottish lady in edinburghWhere do you see yourself going in your art career in 10 years?   

I see myself continuing on this wonderful creative journey, showing up each day to create, experiment, learn new techniques; I dream of being a full time artist, supporting myself perhaps with a barn for a gallery... living near the water would be lovely too!!



Scottish Lady in Edinburgh ©Jacqui Hawk





Do you have any parting advice for emerging artists?   

Network, network !! You can create free artist websites yourself; promote yourself on Facebook (create an ART business page), Twitter, and other social media platforms. Be a great support system to other artists too and lend your talents to helping worthwhile causes in the world.


Jacqui Hawk

Coax the Invisible Out and Make it Visible

Website: Jacqui Hawk 

Twitter: @jacquihawkart
Facebook Page: Jacqui Hawk Art on Facebook

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