buffer social sharingWe all know how much time promoting our art takes. Logging into websites continuously such as Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, can take a huge chunk out of our days if not careful. Most of us have better things to do than spend all day online.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a tool that promotes for us while we are away – one that we could set once every three or four days? There happens to be a great social sharing app which serves this purpose that I found just recently, and it is called Buffer.

With Bufferapp, there is no need of continuously logging into the aforementioned sites. Just connect them to Buffer, and install the Buffer sharing widget on your web browser. Then, all one has to do when they find a link to share is click the sharing widget, and add it to their Buffer queue. Buffer sends these links out at certain intervals throughout the day. They can be automatically posted to Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin for free. The folks at Buffer claims that using the app increases clicks on Tweets by 200%, and doubles the retweets.


Why use Buffer?


  1. The Bufferapp allows users to spread out sharing on social media sites over set intervals, instead of all at once. Not everyone logs in the same time, so this will ensure some people see your Tweets and shares during times when you are not logged in.

  2. Increases link sharing

    Bufferapp automatically shortens links, which are proven more likely to be clicked than longer ones. If you have a bit.ly account, this can even be used.

  3. It will free up your time to becoming more active on social networks instead of being worried about posting. If you always keep your Buffer topped up, the emphasis will no longer be on sharing, (since with Buffer, you will have that done already) but participating.


How to use Buffer


  1. Join through this link to receive one extra spot on your Buffer. (I receive one extra too!)

  2. Install the Chrome or Firefox extension, depending on your web browser.

  3. buffer connect accountConnect accounts

    Click on Dashboard, then Connect Accounts at the top. A popup appears to connect your account to your Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook profile, and Facebook page.

  4. Buffer Settings

    Click Settings in the top menu. For accounts that you want to always share with, choose ON under default.

  5. Anytime you click the Buffer logo in your toolbar to share a link, a popup appears. That post can be added to your Buffer queue to be sent out at a set interval, or instantly shared. The great thing is that you can choose what networks to share certain links. So if there is a certain webpage that you would like your Twitter followers to see, but not your Facebook page, simply deselect your Facebook page.

  6. Analytics displays retweets, mentions, clicks, potential viewers, and favorites. This allows users to track results from all shares, to see what is working, and what isn’t.

  7. buffer referralsTo increase the number of spots in your Buffer account without upgrading, simply refer others. Every time someone joins through your link, a new spot is added to your Buffer, and theirs. Refer a few, and you may have plenty of spots for your buffering queue.

    Inviting others is very easy. Simply click Referrals and Invite Friends Now. Share a pre-written message, including your affiliate link, with your Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin followers. Of course, if you use Buffer a lot, you can always choose to upgrade for $10 a month, which includes unlimited posts, 12 social profiles, and 2 team members.

  8. Touch People with your Art - Click Here!If you have a website, the Buffer share button can be added to encourage sharing with social networks. This also displays the number of shares in the counter, as shown on this site. Find this by clicking on The Buffer Button in the menu at the bottom of the page. Use a vertical or horizontal button, and change the settings if you like. Then copy the code into the HTML of your blog or website.

I have been using Buffer for awhile now, and I really like it. Any tool  that saves time and simplifies things for me online is certainly welcome! Do you use any similar tools to make your online experience easier. If you do, please let me know about it.

For those who decide to try Bufferapp out for themselves, please return here and let us know what you think.

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  1. Can't see "connect accounts" on the Buffer dashboard at the top?

  2. @Tom Henderson Smith
    It's at the top of the page, just to the right of ones you may have connected already. I have my Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin connected. You can also see the Connect Account link in the popup that appears when clicking the Buffer icon in your browser, if you have it installed.

    Thanks Tom.

  3. Many thanks for pointing this out. Hopefully all set up to save a lot of time now!@Graham Matthews


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