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We are now accepting submissions of artwork to be promoted in albums on our Facebook and Google Plus pages. As you have probably realized, social networking is one of the best ways to promote art online. The followers at our Facebook and Google+ pages are artists, art lovers, art collectors, gallery owners, curators, etc. Currently, we have 1027 fans at our Facebook page, and 465 followers at the Artpromotivate Google+ page. By having your art posted there, all of these people and more will see it.


They will be able to leave comments and even contact you if they want to purchase a piece.

A collection of artworks in an album presents the artist much better than an individual artwork. People can get a better idea of the type of work you do. These works will be presented with a title, medium, size, and art website in the description of each image. So, art collectors can easily contact you for purchase.


Outline for submitting your artwork to us!

  1. art logoSend us 5-10 images of your best artworks, or from a recent collection. Ensure they are not too large, 500 kb maximum file size for each.

  2. In the file name of each, enter the name of the artwork.

  3. In the body of your email, enter the details of each artwork in this format: Title, Medium, Size, Artist, Price (price is optional, but you can include it if you sell your art online) This will be written in the description box beside each image.

  4. Include your main art website, which will be included in the description box of each image in the album.

  5. Optional: Write a short 2-3 sentence bio which will be included in the description of the album.

  6. Send your submission to artpromotivate @ gmail. com (without the spaces)

  7. Please let us know the places you want to be promoted – Facebook or Google+, or both!

  8. If you would like your work included in its own album at Pinterest (in the future), simply include the phrase “Promote at Pinterest” 


Tips for submitting your artwork

  1. Include clear, good quality images of your art.

  2. It is advisable (but optional) to include a watermark of your art website or name somewhere on the image. In this way, if someone saves it on their computer, and reposts it, it will still be attributed to you.


Who qualifies to be featured?

  1. facebook pageIf you have a body of work (5-10 images) and an artist website, you will qualify.

  2. Previous spotlight entries.

    If you have been featured at Artpromotivate before (or still waiting), we can promote your work again through this venue, but we require your consent before doing so.

    Either send us new works according to the previously mentioned format, or leave a comment below giving us permission to post your previously featured artworks at our Facebook and Google+ pages.


Why are we doing this?

One of the main aims of Artpromotivate is to promote artists for free. We have a huge backlog of artist spotlight submissions. We are spotlighting artists here quite often, but it is still taking months for some artists to be featured. Using our Facebook and Google Plus pages, we can promote more artists, more often.

In order to know when your artwork is featured, please follow us at the social networks you choose to be featured:

APM at Google+
APM at Facebook
APM at Pinterest


We are very much looking forward to all your artwork submissions, and promoting you for free!

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  1. Graham I have attempted to submit my art work and interview questions now several times I've lost count! I followed very specifically the instructions. When I hit submit I get a message that the connection has been reset or server or webpage is busy. Please help! Is there another way I can submit?
    Catherine Meyers

  2. @Catherine Meyers
    You may submit via my email artpromotivate @ (without the spaces)

  3. Hi Graham,
    I'd love to take part in this, you definitely have my permission to have my previously spotlighted work featured at Google+ and on Facebook!
    Thank you;-)

  4. Thank you for this Graham, you never cease to amaze me with your energy, hardwork and good ideas. :)

  5. @Dalifan
    Great... I'll publish it soon then!! :)

  6. You certainly have my permission to promote my previously spotlighted artwork on Facebook and Google +. Thank you, thank you for your tireless promotion of artists !!

  7. Hi Grahame. Thank you for your useful activity. As a previous spotlighited artist I agree to use my image for promotion on your Facebook and Google plus pages.I think that in my featured interview there are some image of my artworks.
    Thank again and good work and life!

  8. Would love to have your continued support and promotion of Iris Scott artwork. Iris and I have partnered to sell her prints online at She has a ton of new work since your previous spotlight! Most of her portfolio is now available in limited and open edition canvas giclees, and in fine art paper prints as well. Don't have Google + set up for her yet but and are active. Just started too! Will follow your pages! If you need anything else email


Thank-you for your comment!