kevin harney connectiles digitalartKevin Harney

Vancouver, Canada

Connectiles – Digital Prints on Ceramic Tiles

curious, outgoing, resolute

An artist from Vancouver, Canada living part time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

“In my digital art, there is also an unforeseen element in my work that I have no control over, independent on where I set the values of certain variables.


I am fascinated by this "lack of control" or energy that is hidden but has an influence on all of us. I explain it by my belief that everything is connected and the energy of this connection alters our existence in unexplainable ways.”



I create contemporary art in various mediums, from digital to conceptual.


women of mexicoMEDIUMS   

One of my art gems are my Limited Edition, contemporary and unique digital prints on ceramic tiles called "Connectiles".

“My art also includes large print installations, fine line drawings on various substrates, artworks incorporating recycled materials, photography, mixed media art and recently conceptual art and print making.”


Technique and Process   

My ceramics were originally produced using a heat press but now I am using ceramic toner inks to create a waterslide decal which is transferred to the ceramic and then fired in a kiln. Other techniques are fine line pattern drawings done in permanent ink, gold, silver, black etc. As well I am always experimenting with different techniques and styles, such as starting to create prints using collography.


womenofmexico red love passionTHEMES   

My main themes are spiritual and cultural especially in my new Women of Mexico series of drawings. I believe that women are the real strength behind the wonderful country of Mexico.







Why do you create art?

To express my beliefs in philosophy and humanity. My first art was my "Connectiles" and were created to explain that everything is connected.

“‘Everything is Connected’, is a philosophy inherent in Kevin Harney's being and subsequently made manifest through his creative expression. Kevin's art is a consequence of his, and human beings, relentless question throughout all time, ‘Who Am I’ and ‘Why Am I Here’.”


How often do you create?   

As often as I can, usually every day. And I enjoy experimenting on new projects. And use the time that I expend on my fine line drawings as an artistic meditation.


Do you make a living with your art?   

Not as much as I would like. My husband is in the process of immigrating to Canada and that is why I am in Mexico. I am currently waiting for a deposit on a large art tile mural in Palm Springs. The art market in Puerto Vallarta is slow right now but I am trying to sell more art internationally by social networking.


Art Promotion   

Behance Creative Professional Network,, and social networking.


mexican huichol native artINFLUENCES

My influences come from my love of making crafts and doodling when I was young, interior design, and graphic design. Actually, I started creating my first works of art while working on a abstract background for a graphic design project. This evolved into my abstract and mandala work.

Visiting art galleries, having artists/designers as friends, and music album covers in the early 80s was a major influence.


Contemporary Artist Recommendation   

Damien Hirst was a prominent member of the Young British Artists in Britain during the 1990's and is Britain's richest living artist. His fame came via his dead, preserved animals in formaldehyde such as his famous The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living immersed in formaldehyde in a vitrine. His "Spin Paintings" and "Spot Paintings" which are very popular. He curated Warehouse shows where Charles Saatchi bought Hirst's, A Thousand Years, consisting of a large glass case containing maggots and flies feeding off a rotting cow's head.


Please tell us something interesting in your life.


connectiles digital printsI was chosen as an exhibiting artist for a new gallery, Isabela Egan Gallery. This was for a opening group show Summer Salon. Arriving at the gallery on opening night I took my two guests to look at my collection of 16 "Connectiles" on exhibit. When I approached my art I noticed that there was a red dot! So I immediately had to find out who had purchased my art before the show opening.



I was so excited to hear the the person who purchased my art was Chris Carter, the producer of the X-Files tv series, at a pre-opening preferred client showing.


Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?   

I see myself as internationally recognized artist with art galleries in Vancouver, London, Bejing, New York and Mexico City. I will seek to establish a non-profit foundation that promotes emerging artists.


Advice for Artists   

Follow your feelings and try not to produce art that will sell but art that you absolutely love to create. Many artists fall into the trap of creating art that sells. And always keep your eyes open, for inspiration is all around us. Love Your Art!


Kevin Harney

Vancouver, Canada

Connectiles – Digital Prints on Ceramic Tiles

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