Blast Off Your Art Career!

Would you like a big boost for your art career? If you answered “YES!” then I would certainly recommend the new ArtBizCoach class “Blast Off!” to take place between September 5-28, 2012. The class is headed by Alyson B. Stanfield, art consultant and coach, owner of ArtBizBlog, and writer of I’d Rather be in the Studio. Each month Alyson holds a new class for artists, whereby she works with them on certain issues related to becoming a successful artist and marketing art. This months class is titled Blast Off! (Incidentally, this is the last time Alyson will be holding this particular class in this format!)


Learn much more about the Blast Off class here: BLAST OFF!

Create your own Website!The Blast Off class combines motivation, marketing, and coaching that will help your art career soar to new levels. If you read my recent post, Importance of Having a Plan for Your Art Career, you will know that having a plan is essential for success as an artist. This class will help you get organized, develop that plan, and set goals for yourself. As with any class, you get from it what you put in it. Here are just a few of the topics which are covered in the Blast Off class:

  1. Getting organized
  2. Developing a plan
  3. Managing your finances
  4. Developing healthy habits and routines
  5. Setting boundaries for yourself
  6. …and more!

Get the class syllabus (PDF) here to see everything that is covered: Blast Off Syllabus


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How the Blast Off Class Works

The class will give a variety of challenges for you to work through. You will receive PDF files which are also available in audio format. All class lessons will be posted at a private class blog, and can be retrieved at scheduled times, and worked on in your own time. There will be no time constraints, and you can work on each lesson as long as you want. The private blog will be the place to pose questions and participate in conversations.


What Other Artists Have to Say About Blast Off

Past students of the class have had some great things to say about how it has helped them in their art career and in life. Here are some of the comments posted at the Blast Off page:


The Blast Off course literally changed my life. Being forced to question what I wanted from my art career made me realise that I needed to heal my body or I would never have the energy I needed to succeed in the art world. Since taking the course four months ago, I’ve lost a stone [14 lbs] in weight, started dealing with my chronic insomnia and I’m gradually creating practical support systems in my life that will sustain my art and health rather than draining them.
—Kirsty M. Hall

I am so glad I took your Blast Off class last January. As I am looking back at the year, I realize how focused I have been on my artwork because of your class. Doing the weekly and monthly reviews kept me in line. It has helped me achieve some of my goals. I would recommend this class to anyone who needs some direction on their artist journey.
—Lisa Flowers Ross


To learn more about Blast Off and all the other great resources Alyson Stanfield offers for artists, please visit ArtBizCoach

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